Sunday, July 25, 2010

NYC - There's an app for that!

In just a couple of weeks, many of us will be descending on New York City for BlogHer. I'm pretty familiar with the city, having grown up a few hours away. My parents took us into the city a few times a year when we were kids and even now, I get into New York at LEAST 3 or 4 times each year. I'm a city girl anyway, so navigating is second nature to me (I have a nose for shopping AND dining).

For many this will be a first time experience and from what I've heard an intimidating one at that. If you've got an iPhone, Droid, Blackberry or other smart phone there are plenty of applications that can make getting around, finding what you want and exploring the city easier.

Here are just a FEW that might make your trip a bit more fun.

Time Out New York (TONY) (iPhone) - the long time magazine of what's hot to do in the city has been turned into an iPhone app. What to do, where to dine and the best in art and music will be at your fingertips.

  • Up to date event listings and reviews of arts, music, nightlife, bars, restaurants give you plenty of options to help you decide where to go when you’re on the go.
  • Listings can be sorted by Critic's Picks and Free & Cheap, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Easy to use maps give a clear sense of where you are in relation to the events and venues suggested.
  • Save your favorite venues and locations for easy searching and finding for later use.
  • Send listings to your friends—especially useful in choosing a meeting place in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
  • Works even when you're not connected, so you can find recommended arts, entertainment, dining and drinking options any time and anywhere you happen to be.
  • Totally free!
CabSense NYC (iPhone) Cabsense (Android) - This little helper shows WHICH CORNERS are the best for grabbing a cab in the crowded city. No use standing out in the middle of the road hailing to hail a cab if ten of them will be waiting around the corner just LOOKING for people to pick up.

Wayfinder NYC (Android) - Locate the subway, bus stop or train nearest to you. Once installed just click on the app and hold the phone in the direction that you're heading. Wayfinder takes care of getting you there.

SitorSquat (various) - OMG, you're running around the city and have to find a restroom PRONTO. This handy iPhone app will direct you to bathrooms that are OPEN to the Public. You'll learn if they're single or open and if they're kept clean.

The Scoop (iPhone)  - NY Times Restaurant Guide offers lists of their favorite restaurants, bars, events and experiences.

NY Mag  (Android) -  Stay on top of EVERYTHING that New York Magazine has to offer right on your android phone.

Open Table (iPhone) Open Table (Android) - Find a restaurant, check it out and make a reservation all in one place.

Haute Guide (iPhone) - We're talking FASHION in NYC here! Whether you're shopping by neighborhood or lifestyle, you should be able to find women's apparel and accessories all over the city.

Please stop by and say hello to me while you're in the city and check out my fabulous fashions from Shabby Apple, my official BlogHer wardrobe sponsor. See you in the city!


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Cheap Hotels said...

Great information...It really helped me a lot....

Zippy said...

Glad I could help. There's nothing worse than being lost in a city that you don't "know." No use wasting time trying to figure out the little things.

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