Friday, July 16, 2010

Monte Carlo Here I come!

What do you do when the dealer is showing a 3 and you've got 13?  Me? I stand ( I don't know the meaning of the word surrender..LOL).

It's been four years since I've been to Las Vegas and I'm excited to be going back this weekend as the guest of  The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

Las Vegas is one of those vacation spots where you can enjoy the good life and not lose your shirt, if you play your cards right (wait, that was WAY too many puns for one sentence). If you've been wondering WHAT to do this summer, you'll find GREAT deals on hotel packages.

"Unpretentiously Luxurious" is what the Monte Carlo calls it's style and I can't wait to see how they combine luxury with casual. Of course, if it's the ULTIMATE in luxury that you're looking for, Hotel 32 - which occupies the top four floors of the Monte Carlo offer penthouse suites complete with butlers, drivers, the latest in technology and more. So, whether you're doing it on a budget or just won the jackpot and want to splurge, I have the feeling that THIS hotel will fit the bill.

Think I was kidding about the great deals? Their Vegas Summer Escape Party Package starts at only $56 a night!
  • Book NOW and receive these inclusions at New York-New York and Monte Carlo!
  • 2-for-1 Drinks at the Pool
  • 3 for $5 JELL-O Shots
  • 2 ROK Admissions
  • 2-for-1 Drinks at BRAND Steakhouse
  • 2-for-1 Tickets to Frank Caliendo
  • $25 Discount on Cabanas (Sun-Thurs)
  • Free Shot w/ Purchase of Frozen Drink at Big Chill
  • $5 off Whaling Boot Drink at The Pub 
Come along with me while I take you to the rooms, restaurants, shows and even the casino. Make sure that you check Champagne Living often, as I'll be bringing  you with me via pictures, whrrls and posts, and let you know EXACTLY what I think of this property. If it's as nice as it looks, this could be one of those GREAT Champagne Living deals.

This trip is sponsored by the MGM Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. All opinions are strictly my own.


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    Mary Jo Manzanares said...

    It was great to meet you in Las Vegas, Zippy. And to discover your blog.

    Victoria said...

    I hope you had a BLAST! Sounds like a great trip!

    Zippy said...

    I'll be updating on my trip as soon as I have a chance to really digest the whole thing.

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