Friday, July 23, 2010

India with No Reservations

I'm back with more of your sneak peek at No Reservations. I was in Las Vegas last week for a trip of my own (and I'll be letting you know all about the great deals, luxuries and downright FUN that you can have in Las Vegas now next week).

Back to Tony Bourdain and my favorite travel show. OK, well my favorite food show....oh, whatever.

On Monday, Tony visits one of the places that he seems to be really drawn to, INDIA. Once again, he'll visit Kerala where life is quite a bit different. You see Kerala is that crossroads where both Muslim and Christian's coexist, and it's one of the few places in India where MEAT is eaten. Tony even finds a common man's restaurant where they actually have beef on the menu (remember, we're talking about India - where the sacred cow roams the streets).

Of course, it IS India, and most of the faire will be vegetarian. Tony, along with his crew are invited for a family dinner (do they know what they're in for?), and they get served a brightly flavored vegetarian dinner. If you're a regular of No Reservations, you know how Tony feels about Vegetarian Food...but, he enjoys this me. Can you believe that he actually makes the statement: "I could almost be a vegetarian... in India... for about a week."

We get to visit this remarkable country that has one foot in the future while the other remains steeped in tradition. The changes taking place are remarkable and we'll get a chance to explore them along with Tony and crew on Monday night on The Travel Channel.

You can get a little insight into what the crew thought of India on The No Reservations Crew Blog - Packing for India.


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