Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'd love to be going & going & going - to BlogHer with Energizer

At 56 years old, there are days that I feel like the Energizer bunny. You know, I have lots of get up and go. My batteries stay charged throughout the day. On other days, I know that it's time to stop and change my batteries. I think that we're all like this. This coming August I'll be attending BlogHer in NYC and my PLAN is to be totally charged and ready to go for days.

What I don't have yet is sponsorship for the event, and I recently found out that Energizer is offering sponsorship to two bloggers and I'd LOVE to be one of them.

You see, I can sit here and tell you how much I love Energizer and why I deserve to be sponsored by them. But I'd rather take you back six years to when I first moved to Florida from Rhode Island. It was the year that Florida was hit again and again, with hurricane after hurricane. This wasn't the best welcome that I could have had to the Sunshine State. We lived through weeks without electricity, no air conditioning, windows boarded (we were sweltering from the heat) and lots of jars of peanut butter and jelly on bread. What we did have was a massive supply of Energizer batteries. They became our connection to the world outside. We were able to watch our little battery operated television, keep updated as to when it was safe to leave the house from our battery operated radio and have light from our camping lanterns. I knew that I could trust Energizer to last longer and just as their advertising has always promised...they kept going & going & going. 

This year, I'm doing something a little different....something that will help me through the upcoming hurricane season as well as seasons to come. Energizer has developed a new product called the Energizer Smart Charger. Not only will I be able to recharge my batteries, but I'll be able to see exactly how much "juice" is left in them (which is GREAT if you're really depending on them). It's even got
  • Countdown timer shows how long until batteries are charged
  • Battery Fuel Guage shows charge status
  • Bad Battery Alert detects alerts and shuts off charging when a  non-NiMH or old NiMH battery is inserted
  • Large visual display can be viewed from across the room
  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Charges batteries at a safe, steady rate which improves the long-term health of the NiMH battery
  • For approximate charge times, download the user manual.
  • Energy Star® certified
I'm excited about using this new charger (and even more excited about the price - at under $20), and truthfully I hope that I won't NEED the batteries this year, but I know that I'll have them just in case Mother Nature decides that once again this year will be a hurricane year.

IF Energizer chooses me as one of their Energizer Smart ChargeHers, they've got a brand advocate that they can count on. I'd LOVE to be able to connect with other bloggers and let them know how Energizer batteries really do deliver - whether it's powering toys or keeping you connected in a time of need. Oh and did you hear that the sponsored blogger will be passing out some uber cool USB drives (including ONE that contains a $500 target gift card)?  This fashionista will even wear their t-shirts (as long as I can accessorize). Hmmmm  -   do you think I can have a necklace made out of batteries to go with it?

Keep your fingers crossed for me! If I do get chosen I may even have an opportunity for some of my readers who are bloggers!!!

By the way - if you want to learn more about Energizer - you can follow them on facebook at -   Energizer PowerSource

I wrote the post as an entry to win a sponsorship to BlogHer. All opinions regarding the product are strictly my own.


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The Shopping Mama said...

Good luck, Zippy! Any company would be lucky to have you represent them at BlogHer.

Zippy said...

Thanks Kate - keeping my fingers that BOTH of us will be able to be sponsored!

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