Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I don't "do" tacky - Bra Barrette

Maybe I'm showing my age here, but when did old ratty bra straps become a fashion accessory? Did you SEE Sarah Jessica Parker's straps hanging out on Letterman recently? You know those PURPLE straps that kept coming out from under her black & white dress. I just find that SO tacky.

Having just come home from a weekend in Las Vegas, I have to say that I saw way too much of this. The worst was probably the OLD, white straps that were faded showing from under a NICE dress.

There are so many solutions, none being very expensive.

  • A strapless bra
  • Clear bra straps
  • Bra Barrette

Lately I've been wearing a Bra Barrette, especially when I have a racer back t-shirt, or something cut in a little deeper than my straps. The reason being, is that I like the comfort and support of wearing a standard bra (most strapless bra's just aren't that comfortable). Plus, if I'm wearing something with thin straps, I can actually create a jewelry piece using a Bra Barrette by simply pulling the straps together using one of their barrettes with a charm.

Add to that the fact that bras are so expensive, this little bra strap holder will save me money. I actually own two of them. One is clear plastic (that I wear either UNDER  my clothes, or to hold my bathing suit straps together (great for keeping those straps from slipping and exposing more than you want) and a silver one with a beautiful Swarovski crystal hanging from the back (back jewelry), that I wear if I have a dress that happens to be lower cut in the back.

Bra Barrettes come in three sizes from petite through large, so you can get the perfect pull together. They're available at smaller boutiques nationwide and from the Bra Barrette website. Prices start at under $4.00 (see, what I mean about saving money...if you had to buy a new strapless bra you'd be spending ten times that).

Oh, and PEOPLE - what happens in Vegas, doesn't ALWAYS stay in Vegas. It might end up here on Champagne Living. 

Product for this post was provided, but I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly  my own.


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Amanda said...

I too am so tired of seeing bra straps everywhere. Although I'm so bad that I don't even like to see the clear ones showing. It's still a bra strap hanging out. I was watching a reality show that shall remain nameless where the one girl works in a couture store, but was shown later in a racer back black sleeveless shirt and peach colored bra straps hanging out. This ranks right up there for me with the misuse of accept and except in writing.

Zippy said...

Amanda - so glad it's not just me. I just think it's SOOOOO tacky.

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