Friday, July 30, 2010

How can you visit NYC without - SHOPPING?

New York is one of the BEST places to shop on earth (although I can put up a great argument for shopping in Paris as well). How can you visit the city and NOT stop into at least ONE of the many great stores?

What? You've spent all your money on the conference pass, air and hotel? You've only got a FEW dollars left?

Here are MY favorite BARGAIN SHOPPING spots in the city.

1. Century 21 - This is my all time favorite store. If you're looking for designer clothes and accessories for less, Century 21 is a MUST SEE. Just ask my friend  Sandy. The last time we were in the city (for the Time to Play Event), I dropped my bags in the room and didn't even freshen my lipstick before running downstairs and hailing a cab to go to this mecca.

  • Address: 22 Cortlandt St., between Church St. and Broadway
2. Loehmann's -  You've heard me go on and on about Loehmann's in the past. I've worked with them on some of their charity benefits and always seem to find something that I love in this store. The Manhattan Loehmann's is their FLAGSHIP store, so you can be sure that you'll find plenty of IN-SEASON designer outfits and accessories at deep discounts.

  • Address: 101 Seventh Ave. at 17th St.
3. Gabay's - While I haven't been to Gabay's in a bazillion years, they are a staple for those who Bendel's and Bergdorf's taste and a discount budget. Gabay's BUYS the overstocks from some of these famous stores and sells them at a 50% - 80% discount!

  • Address: 25 First Avenue (between 13th and 14th) 
4. Daffy's - I remember dragging my husband here on our honeymoon (so I've been shopping at Daffy's for over 30 years).  I must tell you though, that you may have to dig through a lot of stuff to find the real gems here. I love the hunt, so for me it's always been worth it.

  • Address: 1771 Broadway (at 57th) - 18 locations (but this is closest to the Hilton)
5. Scoop - If you HAPPEN to find yourself in the meatpacking district (where I think the hottest clubs in town are, stop into Scoop. There are quite a few locations around the city, but this part of town is probably the hippest (so the clothes will be just a tad better).
  • Address: 430 W 14th St (between 10th Ave & 14 St) 
6. The Market NYC -  OK, so this ISN'T a discount store and it's ONLY OPEN on Saturdays and Sundays. But - if you're looking for one of a kind clothes, accessories and jewelry this showroom features new and upcoming young designers.

  •  Address:  268 Mulberry St.
Oh and if you'd RATHER just shop from your computer while at BlogHer (or home), check out Shabby Apple. They'll be sponsoring my BlogHer wardrobe, so you can see the quality and style IN PERSON! Stop by and say HI if you see me and see you in NY!


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Mary Jo said...

Will miss seeing you at BlogHer! But perhaps I need to arrange a shopping trip back your way.

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