Friday, July 9, 2010

Cheap in the City

So, you blew your budget on your  hotel room and flight to New York, but you still want to have fun in the city.

You're the QUEEN of the deal and even though you're traveling you want to GET IT FOR LESS!

You've never left the house without a stack of coupons in your purse and going to New York is NO different.

Here are a few ways (and means) of getting it CHEAPER in the CITY - Simply input the Zip Code of where you'll be  and you'll have coupons that are good from everything from restaurants to shopping at your fingertips. - You use them at home for getting meal deals at up to 80% off - why not do the same when you travel?

NYC Daily Deals - This blog lists a deal EACH day of the week. Recent deals include free concerts, where to find fireworks and more.

Carsten Aveda Institute - Hairdressers can be PRETTY pricey in the city, but if you stop in an Carsten Aveda Institute - you'll find student hairdressers that are VERY talented. Come on - we're talking AVEDA here.

Wined and Dined - OK all you social media mavens. Here's one to follow on twitter that tells you the BEST and CHEAPEST places to dine (and of course WINE)!

Fresh Guide - Looking for Luxury on a Budget (silly question)? Look no further than Fresh Guide for coupons to salons, spas, entertainment and more. A new deal every day - straight to your e-mail.

FreeNYC - Primarily FREE entertainment in & around the city is listed here. I didn't find a lot - but you never know.

If you know HOW, you can enjoy the city on a LOT less than the average tourist. Hey, you're in New York - don't just sit in your hotel room between sessions. Get out in the city and have some fun...on the cheap.

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julie @ dbestof said...

All the conference costs are adding up fast. Love the ideas for saving some cash in NYC!

Zippy said...

Oh Julie - I KNOW. I'm starting to determine what I want to do based on whether food is included or not...LOL.

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