Thursday, July 1, 2010

Batter Up - Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

It's summertime and this means - kicking the kids outside to play. Baseball in the backyard with friends or with the team on the field is what summer is all about. But, what happens when you've got days that are filled with rain and your friends can't come play. You fire up the Wii, Playstation or Xbox 350 and play some Backyard Sports with Sandlot Sluggers by Atari.

Ben had some friends over and they all played a little Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers by Atari on one such rainy afternoon.  The laughter and sounds of joy coming from them said it all.

This grroup of friends got together for a little sports play with Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers on Nintendo DS. Ben absolutely LOVED it. He was expecting an overly easy game but what he got was a challenging game of baseball that is comparable to his favorite wii sports baseball game.

There are multiple modes of play in this game (including season mode, fun mode, playoff mode and story mode) so that your kids won't ever get bored. Ben thought that the character creation (in season mode) was very cool and he enjoyed playing the Homerun Derby the best. Once he started, he didn't want to stop and found himself playing for a LOT longer than he had planned (warning - you might want to set a time limit on play).
Features include: 
  • Non-stop Arcade Action - The fun never stops with 20+ hours of turbo-injected gameplay, instant playability, comedic commentary, and exaggerated animations. Super-charged power-ups with a twist take the excitement to the next level.
  • Feature-Rich - Multiplayer tournaments, 5 mini-games, season mode, quick play and an all-new story mode never before seen.
  • Locations, Locations - Bring your team to victory in 8 different, interactive fields, such as Rooftops, Quantum Field, and Pablo's Yard.
  • Kid-Friendly - Packed with kid-style tricks, family mode, and a neighborhood full of fun and diverse kids to keep young players coming back for more.
  • Stunning visuals bring colorful and new settings to life making gameplay feel authentically real.


  • The pitching mechanics are challenging - which makes this great for adults as well as kinds
  • Batting was FUN and you can use either the keyboard or stylus to play
  • Keep the innings short for more action!
The overall reaction is that this game is a lot more challenging and fun than it appeared at first glance. Not only is this game great for younger kids - but teens and adults will enjoy the action as well.

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers is available for purchase at or your local video game retailer for around $30.
Thank you to Rolemommy and Atari for providing a copy of this game for our review.. I was in  no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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