Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to buy at WalMart

I've caught some flack lately from a few of my online friends who think that I TURN MY NOSE up at shopping at stores like WalMart, consignment shops, etc. I figured that I needed to set the record straight on this one. I DO shop at WalMart and Target and Goodwill. I am the QUEEN of finding the BEST items at great prices. However, in many instances my friends are correct. If the store doesn't carry QUALITY or COMPARABLE items....then I move on to a "better" store.

According to CBS Moneywatch here are a few  things that you SHOULD buy at WalMart.

1. Coffee - ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of fair trade practices. WalMart has teamed up with TransFair USA to bring fair trade-certified coffee to it's stores. You'll be able to pick up some high quality coffee for under $6.00 a bag and the coffee is sustainably grown by farmers who receive a fair (living) wage.

2. Moderately Priced Consumer Electronics - skip the higher end stuff here, as WalMart doesn't provide knowledgeable service to help you, but if you're looking for a simple high definition TV or a point and shoot digital camera - the prices can be much lower. Just be sure to do your research BEFORE hitting the store.

3. Smart Phones - have you noticed that WalMart has had sales on the iPhone? Yes indeed. The last time I visited WalMart I noticed that they offer phones and services from most of the MAJOR companies. It's a great place to be able to compare phone services all in one place. They also offer their own prepaid phone service at a LOW, LOW price.

For more things that you may want to buy at your local WalMart and NOT feel like you're giving up QUALITY, check out the CBS Moneywatch for What to Buy at Walmart by Catherine Holahan.


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