Monday, June 28, 2010

Evo - Informed, Inspired and Irresistable

My intention was to create a post trying to wrap-up my experiences at this week's Evo Conference in Park City, UT. Today is NOT the day to do this. I am still digesting not only the wonderful speakers and sessions, but the connections, friendships and inspiration that I had NOT expected.

So, for today, I'll be sharing some of the faces that are Evo: The evolution of women in social media.

It's even more special when you're inspired by a friend. Niri was one of 3 women who courageously shared her life with us during the opening keynote. I've been a fan of Mommy Niri for quite a while and I'm proud to be able to call her a friend as well. Oh, and as a roommate, she makes an AWESOME cup of Chai Tea to start the day.

From Flying Monkeys in the Dads and Social Media session, thanks to Greg of Telling Dad, who is the ONLY guy to have seen me in my PJ's other than my husband for MANY years.

To Liz Strauss to whom I humbly say THANK YOU for inspiring me (and making me realize just how irresistable I really am).

From hosting the Hershey's Party complete with Chocolate Martini's in our suite.

To laughing and catching up with old friends like Naomi at SuperDumb SuperVillain, Rachel at Mama Rucci (who's about to be a grandmom) , and Katja of Skimbaco Lifestyle.

Would you do business with someone like THIS? I would, because this is wonderful Bevin from Blogads, who KNOWS have to have a great time (although I was a little reluctant to mention the facial hair to her).

There were some beautiful moments that I'll take with me forever (Jyl of Mom It Forward and #GNO)

Thanks to evo '10. I'm already penciling in my calender for evo '11.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more about my experiences at evo. Yeah - that's me...getting my cowgirl on.


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The Shopping Mama said...

Wasn't it awesome!? I had such a great weekend. I can't wait for next year.

Naomi said...

Hee haw! I loved spending time with you and our gang. Gotta do it more often!!!

Jyl Johnson Pattee said...

Ahhhh! Thanks for including me in your post, Zippy. I was so happy to see you at evo'10 and meet you IRL. And... I'm thrilled you'll be back next year.

Fabulous post!

Mommy Niri said...

I loved being roomies. There is something about someone sharing chit-chat in the wee hours of the morning and late at night that brings a special bond. The fact that you also gave me some courage for that keynote was special to me. Love you!

Rachael said...

Beautiful pics and post! It was great to have you and loved seeing you bust a move at closing party! :D

Steph said...

It was so wonderful to meet you in the Hershey suite! And discuss France and how much you really do look like my Mom. Our conversation made me realize how much I really need to plan a trip there with my family ASAP.

Zippy said...

Oh Steph and thank YOU for creating the perfect Mormon-tini! I'll think of that every time I have a glass of chocolate milk.

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