Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crystal Light Pure Fitness

Diet soda has been my CRACK for the past, oh I don't know....probably since I discovered TAB back in the 60's. So kicking this habit has not been easy, but I've been doing MUCH better than I thought that I would.

I HAVE found a few substitutes so far, and when Crystal Light approached me about trying their new Pure Fitness line of On the Go packets that contain NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives with ONLY 15 calories a serving  I was hopeful that this was going to be another in my arsenal of GO-TO drinks.

Crystal Light Pure Fitness is actually sweetened with Cane Sugar and Truvia (the NEW darling of the all natural sweetening world).

Here's what I like about it

1. In the past I've avoided using the packets of drink mix because they tend to CLUMP. This mixed seamlessly and there was no sign of powder or "pieces" of the mix.

2. It's much lower calorie that the AVERAGE 70 calorie fitness drink.

3. If you're not a WATER drinker (like me) - these add a little pizzazz to your water intake. For me it means being able to drink MORE water (which is my goal).

4. Of the 3 flavors that I was sent I like the grape flavor the best (although I found that I needed to use LESS than a full packet per bottle to get the desired taste).

Here's what I don't like

1. It's sugar - plain & simple. If you're on a diet and have sugar cravings (like me), this will continue the sugar cycle. However - it's a LOT less dangerous for your system than the OLD artificially sweetened formulas.

2. It has an aftertaste. I'd say that this is my BIGGEST complaint.

3. The lemon/lime really didn't taste like lemon/lime to me.

4. Each packet contains 2 servings. So a 16oz bottle is actually 30 calories rather than 15. I understand that 8 oz is considered a serving, but I wish that they'd just say it's 30 calories a packet.

So - basically I'm split down the middle on this product. 

Pure Fitness is caffeine and gluten free, and one serving contains only three grams of sugar, so it's a good addition for people who are on a restricted diet or trying to watch their caffeine intake.

Crystal Light Pure Fitness comes in boxes of 7 packets and retails for about $3.29. It's available in 3 flavors
  • Lemon/Lime
  • Strawberry/Kiwi
  • Grape

If you'd like more information about Crystal Light products you can fan them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter

Thank you to Kraft Foods for providing samples of Crystal Light Pure Fitness for this review. I was in no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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Victoria said...

I'd be willing to give it a try - I love sugar (no seriously, I do)!

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