Sunday, June 20, 2010

Could YOU be a greeting card writer?

Do you think to yourself "I can do better than that" every time you pick up a birthday or greeting card and read the message inside? Are you "off the cuff" funny and everyone says that you ought to be a comedy writer? If you've always wondered about WHO it is that writes the copy in the cards you buy...then this might be the job for you

JQ Greetings Is looking to hire writers for their line of greeting cards that are humorous with that extra spark of wit and originality.

* Birthday
* General/Male/Female
* Friendship (especially woman to woman)
* Anniversary
* Thinking of You
* Just for Fun (thought for the day/ joke to share)
* Get Well
* Baby Congrats
* Missing You
* Thank You
* Hi/Hello
* Love
* Congratulations
* Hang in There/Cope

When submitting your ideas, please follow these guidelines

1.If Mailing: Text should be on 3" x 5" index cards, one piece of copy per card. Please number your cards so we can refer to a specific sentiment easily. We prefer typed sentiments unless you have really excellent handwriting anyone can decipher. Include your name, address, phone number and email on the back of each card. Send a SASE with your submission or we will not be able to return it. Mail to: JQ Greetings/verse submitions, P.O. Box 1498, Walker, MN 56484

2. If Emailing: Number each idea/verse and include name and contact info. Email to

3. Send us only your best ideas, and no more than 12 at a time. We are not interested in receiving copy that is already out there.

4. Avoid anything too raunchy, but naughty or slightly suggestive is okay.

5. Rhymes are okay as long as they are fresh, funny and original.

6. Response time is now through next1-4 weeks.

Compensation is a flat fee for all greeting card publication rights and are paid upon (acceptance/publication??)
To familiarize yourself with their line of cards check out (


Address: P.O. Box 1498 Walker, MN 56484

ApplicationDeadline: ASAP

Payment: pay ranges from $35.00- $75.00 per published verse


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