Thursday, May 27, 2010

What if you could live Rent Free for a year?

That would be the ULTIMATE in Champagne Living. Imagine not having to come up with that hefty payment the first of each month?

Well, is having a FUN video contest. Grab your roommate (it can be your husband, your kids or whomever you live with) and put together a video that could win you FREE RENT for a YEAR PLUS $10,000!!!  knows how hard it is to find the perfect roommate. It's not ONLY about splitting the costs, it's about being able to LIVE with someone. You know, dirty dishes in the sink, taking the garbage out and playing music while you're trying to sleep. Now's your chance to tell them what makes your roommate the best.

So, get out the video camera, get creative and get one step closer to winning free rent for a year plus $10,000 in cash and the coveted 2010 title of Roommate of the Year. Renters across the nation are invited to enter the Roommate of the Year Contest by submitting a video entry of two minutes or less to The deadline to enter is June 14th - so HURRY! You could be living the GOOD LIFE for FREE!


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