Monday, May 17, 2010

Spruce up for spring

When I visit someone else's house (as I did this weekend) I seem to come home and find a bazillion things wrong with the mansion that need doing.

Such as

  • Touching up paint that the dog scratched
  • Carpets need shampooing
  • Need to hang more artwork (it's been sitting in the garage for a year now)
  • A good hard clean
  • Need plants and I'd LOVE a new patio set for the lanai
Of course, I could keep you probably can as well. I was getting ready to head out to Home Depot to price some of the things that I'm going to need and before I left (as I often do), I checked the Internet to see if there are any deals, discounts or coupons.

Home Depot Improvers Club

I just found out that Home Depot has a Home Improver Club newsletter that they'll send to your e-mail. It's FREE and it includes not only money saving offers, but also how-to tips (so I don't nail myself in the thumb...LOL).

Thought I'd pass the information along as I just signed up, since there are quite a few more weeks of Spring Sprucing Up to be done around here.

I wonder if when my friends visit me, they go home and think the same thing?


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