Thursday, May 27, 2010

Iams ProActive Health Formulas with PreBiotics

Meet Clem. Clem has a VERY sensitive stomach. Rather than go into detail, I'll just tell you, that the result of a dog having a sensitive stomach is NOT PRETTY. Having a pet with digestive problems can be.... well, a problem. Until now I've had to search out designer kibble for dog's with a sensitive stomach and add yogurt as well.

Iams ProActive Health Formulas with PreBiotics has taken care of the sensitive stomach issue for Clem by nourishing the GOOD BACTERIA in the dog or cats digestive tract (and crowding out the bad bacteria) for a healthier digestion - PERFECT for a pet that has that sensitive stomach like Clem.

Clem took to it RIGHT AWAY and as you can see - my usually camera shy friend, didn't even realize I was taking photos.

Just remember that if you're going to switch your pets food

1. Introduce the food GRADUALLY. Start by using 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of their usual diet. Slowly change the ratio by giving less of the old food and more of the new until they're eating 100% of the new food.

2. Don't worry if your finicky dog or cat won't eat for a day or two. If they're healthy, they'll be fine.

3. Pets respond to our body language. Don't act any different with the new food, or demand that your pet eat it. In some ways they're like kids and they may go on a hunger strike. Use a happy, pleasant tone when encouraging them to eat.

4. Don't give in to demands. In other words, don't give up and go back to the old food. Just like when you were training your pet, you need to stand firm. Table scraps and treats INSTEAD of their food only reinforces the refusal behavior.

Personally, I only use a dry food with Clem, but if you use a moist food - switching can be a LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT. 

If you're looking to switch

  • Mix in a little warm water (if you do - throw it away after 20 minutes..the food will spoil if you leave it out all day).
  • Try Microwaving the food - just to get a consistency that your pet is used to.
Want to try the new Iams ProActive Health Formulas with PreBiotics for your pet? Simply Request a Coupon HERE.

Thank you to Iams for allowing Clem to review this dog food. He/we were not compensated for our opinions.


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Victoria said...

Clemenza is a cutie and I love him. Great pictures!

Zippy said...

He'd SO want to cuddle up with you if you met him (that is after he was done barking his head off).

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