Sunday, May 30, 2010

For me Memorial Day means bring on the sailor stripes

I "happened" to be shopping recently and found a NEW (at least to me) shoe store in the area that carries my FAVORITE brand of shoes...FS/NY (French Sole/New York). I tried on those gorgeous blue & white striped ballet flats (Yacht) and knew that I'd have to have a pair.

At just under $200 it gave me pause to stop and think before whipping out the credit card. I may just wait until I'm in the "city" and check out their OUTLET Store at 976 Lexington Avenue (between 71st & 72nd). You never know!!


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Jenn said...

Super cute shoes although a little pricey for me...agree about checking the outlets! :)


Zippy said...

Jenni - I always try to get the best price...but those shoes are soooo CUTE!

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