Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flavor Your Day with Aquafina FlavorSplash

As an ambassador of the new Aquafina FlavorSplash program - I'm excited. Why? Not only do I get to share all sorts of goodies with my readers, but with summer coming and the prospect of buying a new bathing suit in the near future - I was looking for a drink that would NOT pack on the extra calories and still have a lot of flavor.

What you can expect from me is a Flavor of the Week post - letting you know about the GREAT Aquafina FlavorSplash flavors that you can enjoy with ZERO calories.

That's right - you get LOTS of flavor with
  • No Calories
  • No Carbs
  • No Sugar
  • Low Sodium

I'm a soda drinker. It's a habit that I've been wanting to break for a good long time. I know that the BEST way to help me lose those extra pounds, keep my skin looking great, etc. is to drink more water. But - I don't like drinking plain water (hence my addiction to soda). I NEED FLAVOR. I'm counting on Aquafina FlavorSplash to provide me with the flavor I crave and help reduce the amount of soda that I drink.

This week's flavor?  WILD BERRY

I love the sweetness that the berry flavor brings to this water. It's not only hydrating, but I feel like I'm treating myself to a fruit punch drink - only it's GOOD FOR ME. I was surprised to learn that the great taste comes from natural fruit flavors.  This is going to make my personal challenge a LOT easier.

My goal for this week is to decrease my soda intake by 16 oz (2 glasses) and increase my water intake by the same amount. By the end of 6 weeks - I should be drinking the 8 glasses of water that my body needs. 

If you'd like to try Aquafina FlavorSplash and TASTE along with me. They're offering a $1.00 off coupon. Also, keep watching - because I've got some GREAT giveaways planned that include FREE Aquafina FlavorSplash, Wild Berry lip balm (yes, it tastes JUST like the water) and MORE!!
I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Aquafina FlavorSplash and have received various FlavorSplash samples to facilitate my participation. Mom Central will send me a gift card at the end of the program.


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