Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fashion at the hardware store

Forget about shopping at Nordstrom and Macy's for your accessories. The HOTTEST place to buy your bags is NOT on Canal Street in NYC, nor at Neiman's. Where you ask?

Well, how about looking at hardware and plumbing supply stores? That's right -  check out these beautiful toolbags from the Brown Bag Company and others that I found while shopping at the store that my husband THOUGHT was safe!

Can you believe that this GORGEOUS leather shoulder bag is really a toolbag?

How about this Messenger Bag from Home Depot for $150?

Maybe you're looking for a Duffel for a quick overnight? This is a little pricey at $299 - but looks like it's an exquisite quality.

But don't limit your shopping to the tool department - check out the plumbing supplies while you're out and about looking for that plunger.

This canvas bag with a leather bottom is a CLASSIC starting at $58.75 (depending upon the size).

For something a little different - I love the look of this 18" Tool Bag

The next time your husband or boyfriend wants to go shopping at the hardware store, don't roll your eyes and give him a hard time. Go along and do a little shopping for yourself.


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Lee said...

OMFG! I love the leather shoulder bag! These are some fashionable construction people. I want!

Zippy said...

I wonder if I buy one, I'll get a free construction worker thrown in as a bonus. :-)
I'd take these over Louis Vuitton ANY day.

The Shopping Mama said...

It's probably a good thing for my wallet that I saw this post *after* going to Home Depot this morning. That shoulder bag is awesome.

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