Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

One thing we always look forward to during the summer months is VACATION. It's sometimes difficult to come up with ideas that are family friendly - for EVERYONE. Dad may want to play golf, while Jr. would rather be exploring the nearest playground.

Here's a way to keep EVERYONE happy...especially THE KIDS.

1. Let your children help plan your vacation. Collect brochures from various destinations and have them make a collage of WHERE they'd like to go.

2. Traveling by car? A drive-by scavenger hunt will keep them occupied while having fun. Look for unusual road signs, animals (in cars or fields that you might be driving by), car colors, advertising signs for particular motels, etc.

3. Let each of the members of the family (parent and children) pick a special fun meal (be it a picnic by a famous statue, a local diner, or their favorite fast food establishment) while on vacation.

4. Create a vacation memory book. Sally might draw pictures of the beach, while Robert writes about how cool it was to jump the waves. Put it all together in a family scrapbook along with the traditional pictures, so that it can be enjoyed LONG after the vacation is over.

5. Get lost. One of our favorite things to do was drive until we were "lost" and explore the area. We've found playgrounds, libraries, museums, fun parks, lemonade stands and more just by driving off the beaten path.

Whatever you choose to do for your summer vacation. Keep it easy by making certain that EVERYONE  in the family is involved.

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