Friday, April 23, 2010

There's nothing worse than having car trouble

No, I didn't get a flat this week (although someone DID sideswipe me about 2 weeks ago in a parking lot...ARGH), but I was thinking about getting new tires for the car and realized that I wasn't as prepared as I should be for those auto situations (flat tire, battery dead, etc.) that seem to happen to us all at one time or another.

I was thinking about what we can all do to be proactive, because there's nothing worse thank being STUCK with no spare, cables, etc. This weekend I'm checking my trunk to make certain everything is in order.

Jumper Cables - while you may have AAA or another roadside assistance, having jumper cables in the trunk can mean the difference between waiting an hour or two for them to arrive and getting up and running in minutes.

Tire Pressure - Check your tire pressure MONTHLY. For each poind of pressure your tires are underinflated - you could be losing 6% in gas mileage.

Warning Lights - PLEASE don't ignore them. The $$$ that you spend can add up quickly if you let things go to long.

Rotate Your Tires - Do this every 6 months (or 6,000 miles). Did you know that by NOT rotating your tires, you could cut the life of your tires IN HALF?

Spare Tire - No not the one hanging over your jeans...I'm talking bout making sure that the tire in your trunk is inflated and READY to use. What could be worse than getting a flat? Getting a flat tire and realizing that you have no spare. Oh, and don't forget to look to see if you have the necessary tools as well.

Roadside Assistance - Yes, all of those things above are important. But, if you're stranded on some desolate road with a car full of screaming kids (or mother in law), that AAA mechanic will look like your DREAM GUY when he pulls up.


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