Friday, April 30, 2010

Tassimo - I'm a coffee snob

There...I've said it. I'm a SNOB of major proportions when it comes to coffee. To think, I hated the stuff years ago and now if you hand me a mug with burned or watered down grinds that are just mediocre I'll turn up my nose.

I'm sure that it has a lot to do with the fact that I was a coffee expert of sorts - having run multiple coffee shops for a major chain. I'd start my day with a demitasse of espresso (made from wonderful Italian roasted beans) - sometimes machiatto with just a hint of foam, other times with a twist of lemon and a simple cube of sugar (although I never really went for the cube between your teeth as I sipped style) and for a CUP of coffee I prefer what's known as an Americano or Café Allongé (shots of espresso that's pulled in a longer style resulting in a cup or mug of coffee made from espresso).

Yes, I enjoy a cappuccino or latte and my idea of dessert is a wonderful dark chocolate beverage mixed with coffee (once again espresso). If you look on my kitchen counter (as well as underneath), you'll find no less than 4 coffee machines (plus a French Press and of course an espresso maker). I've always longed for a Gaggia (but do own a Saecco), and of course there's a grinder.

So, when I was faced with reviewing the Tassimo - I knew that it was going to be in for a workout....Champagne Living style!

A quick once through with water to clean out the dust from packaging and I was ready to go. I knew that it was arriving at the mansion, so in anticipation I had gone out and purchased some Maxwell House T-Discs (for hubby) well as  Gevalia Espresso (but a day later I received a package filled with Milka Hot Chocolate and Starbucks Primo Cappuccino).

The test would be if this little machine could make my favorite Americano.

1. It's important to start with filtered water, as you don't want the chemical flavor to corrupt the coffee.

2. The temperature of the water is what makes the brew perfect. It must be between 190 - 200 degrees in order to extract the best flavor from the coffee.

3. Normally I'd say that fresh beans that are freshly ground are important - but we're talking discs here.

4. The ratio of coffee to water should be 2 Tbls per 6 oz.

So I began my test......

1. I fill the large tank with filtered water. I say large tank, because I did not have to refill it over and over again (as I had with my old Senseo)
2. In goes the disc. Now, if you've seen the t-discs you'll notice that there's a bar code on each one. The Tassimo reads the bar code to know exactly HOW HOT the water should be for the beverage as well as HOW LONG A SHOT to pull. My fear of the extraction not being perfect was NOT an issue.

3. The discs are well sealed (and dated) so that the coffee remains fresh

4. See #2 - yes, Tassimo "knows" by the bar code the PERFECT ratio of water to coffee.

My café allongé? Well, it pulled  my shot of espresso and then the Tassimo allowed me to press a button to create the allongé (or long shot). I'm completely amazed that I can enjoy my favorite morning coffee without even using an espresso machine, while my hubby can have his mug of Maxwell House a minute later.

I ♥ my Tassimo! With Mother's Day just a little over a week away - I think that this is one of those products that might just put a BIG SMILE on mom's face - even if she's NOT a coffee snob like I am. Chocolates - last a day or two, Flowers - last a week, Tassimo - makes EVERY day mother's day!

Thanks to Tassimo for providing me with the TAS 20xxUC by Bosch to review as well as some great hot chocolate and cappuccino. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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