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Simple Organized Sanity - Jimmy Choo's & Jammies?

You're probably scratching your head and wondering, "Has she finally lost it?" The answer: Well, Yes - but that happened years ago and has very little to do with organizing.

If this were a meeting with a bunch of sitting around in chairs and making admissions. I'd be standing up right now and saying "My name is Zippy and I'm disorganized." Here's the strange part - I'm a CLOSET DISORGANIZED PERSON. No, I don't mean that my closet is disorganized (holy crap - that would be awful). Actually my closet is organized by 1. item, 2. color...and not just ANY color - it actually follows the rainbow (yes my closet is organized from white at one end of the spectrum, next red, orange, yellow...all the way to gray and black at the end). The house is neat and I know where everything is located.


Or at least it did until my session with Christie of Simple Organized Sanity.

The piles of papers (Victoria - I just admitted to my piles), disorganized heaps of items to be reviewed (and the mountain of those recently organized products tossed into a box awaiting donation) and other JUNK that's somehow accumulated around me (like the dog's toys that I trip over, but never move) were both making me anxious and were actually comforting at the same time.

Still, I needed to get a handle on it. I can manage a business (or multiple businesses), including a household - but my own domain is in constant disarray.

Christie from Simple Organized Sanity was about to set me straight (no miracles expected). She sent me a simple questionnaire in order to fully understand what it was that I was struggling with. A couple of days later we were on the phone and she had some wonderful concrete suggestions for me.

What I LOVED was that she's been doing this long enough to know that no one changes overnight and she gave me ONLY enough information so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed and could complete my first organizational tasks. Since I not only have this mess in the office, but I also have time management issues (I'm easily distracted - lately I've been looking through the new Spring/Summer collection online at Saks instead of writing), she offered me help in each category.

FIRST - she deducted that since I have piles and piles of paper that I NEED them because I'm a visual person. She immediately helped set up a system by which all of my papers would be organized, coded and neat (just like my closet) and still available visually (not in some filing cabinet where I couldn't see them). I began putting that into action a couple of days later and while I haven't completely finished it yet - it is getting under control.
SECOND - she devised a system whereby I get my work done within the time that I need so that instead of getting sidetracked WHILE working, I am finished in record time and can indulge ON MY OWN TIME (since I have more of it) without guilt. It was simple and involved using a timer. After using the timer for a couple of days - I realized that it was taking me HOURS and HOURS to do something that should only take 20 minutes.

THIRD - when you work out of your home, it becomes difficult to separate your business work from your household work (yes, I'm guilty of checking e-mail then running to toss clothes into the washer, take something out to defrost and then back to the computer). The division and the mindset was affecting my attitude towards work. A simple trigger - like putting a pair of heels on when it's WORK TIME, reminds me that I'm at work. I may not be wearing a business suit and just because I'm sitting here in a pair of PJ's doesn't mean I'm not working. BUT - by tossing on those Jimmy Choo's I have a constant reminder that it's WORK time. I take them off at the end of my work day and go home.

While I'm still not completely set up with my system (and I know that there's more that I can do), it's like a burden has been lifted.

You may not have the same problem as I - but Simple Organized Sanity offers all sorts of wonderful solutions to your organizing needs.From running a business to running your household, Christie offers coaching sessions, planners, checklists - SOLUTIONS! As a mom working from home herself, she understands the struggles of running both a household and business (while spending time with the kids, etc). Her products are all budget friendly (her planner pages are .99 and you just reprint what you need).

My office is still not perfect, but it's getting under control. If you are like me and have some "ISSUES" with organization (home or business), time management or just need to streamline your life you can learn more about Christie Love and Simple Organized Sanity's OTHER offerings on some of my friend's blogs.

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If you need help as much as I did (or even if you just need a little tweaking), enter below for the chance to win a coaching session from Christie like I did!

Thank you to The Product Review Place and Simply Organized Sanity for providing my coaching call as well as this giveaway. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.

 Please use the comment section below to enter and answer these questions.

1. Visit Simple Organized Sanity and come back and let me know WHAT product/session would be most helpful for YOUR life.
2. Include your NAME and E-Mail address in the comment

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* The winner will be randomly chosen and their information will be sent directly to the sponsor for fulfillment.
* Good Luck


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Anonymous said...

The gold package is what i need in my life!! The coaching calls to help me out and customed designed planner to keep me on track.

Bree said...

I totally need the gold package. I am disorganized with a capital D. The coaching would keep me on track!

Izzie said...

I need the Gold package, for sure!

Victoria said...

I don't want to enter to win but i do want to say: SHOUT OUT to the piles! (*also, i need an organizer :)

Anonymous said...

Help. Out home oggice is nothing but piles of stuff all over the place! I can't get it under control.

Anonymous said...

Gold combination plan

Anonymous said...

Gold combination plan
Bobbie Murphy

kohndr said...

Subscribed to Champagne Living

kohndr said...

Following Simple Organized Sanity on Twitter

kohndr said...

Signed up for Simple Organized Sanity Twitter Party

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Following you on twitter

Anonymous said...

I definitely need the coaching calls and customed design planner. I need help!

Barbie said...

The gold package looks like the way to go

marybeth @ said...

I need the Organizing for Moms Phone Session!
babygoodbuys at gmail dot com

marybeth @ said...

following SOS on Twitter @babygoodbuys
babygoodbuys at gmail dot com

marybeth @ said...

following you on Twitter @babygoodbuys
babygoodbuys at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the checklists, I am a list person!

Kelly Terzo

adrian said...

the virtual organization session would probably be most helpful
name is adrian
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

adrian said...

rsvp'd for twitter event
name is adrian/smilefest on twitter
was person #81 to rsvp
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

Gianna said...

Around the House To Do Tracker


lilyk said...

The Grocery Planning Sheet would be most helpful for me.

lilyk said...

I became a fan of Simple Organized Sanity on Facebook.

lilyk said...

I subscribed to your blog.

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