Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Marshall's Shopportunity!

If shopping were a sport, I'd be an Olympic Athlete. But not ANY shopping athlete - I'd be the Mighty Mega DISCOUNT shopping athlete with the BEST finds. So, when Marshall's challenged me along with 9 other "fashion influencers" (that label cracks me up for some reason) to score our BEST FIND. I took the challenge.

Yes, I walked out of the mansion with $100 in Marshall's gift cards in hand. BUT - I wasn't going to succumb to the OBVIOUS. NO! I wasn't going to buy something because it had the BIGGEST DISCOUNT. I was going to find the PERFECT outfit for an event that I'm going to in a few weeks in New York at the BIGGEST discount I could find. I mean, what's the use of buying a $500 outfit for $25 if you're NEVER going to wear it? That's no "find" or bargain .... that's a WASTE of $25.

So, check out my whrrl and see what I bought.

More check-ins at Marshalls Department Store
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Oh and I'll be in a competition with the 9 others to see who has the BEST FIND. So, I'm counting on YOU to help me win by VOTING! I'll let you know ALL of the details as soon as I have them.

By the way, You can unlock YOUR shopportunity and possibly win a $5,000 wardrobe from Marshalls as well! Simply go to their FACEBOOK Page , become a fan and click on the SHOPPORTUNITY tab.
Disclaimer: I was given a $100 Marshall's Gift Card in order to compete in the "Best Marshall's Shoportunity (find)

UPDATE!!!! Marshall's wants to give one of Champagne Living's readers their OWN Shopportunity! You can win a $50 MARSHALL'S gift card. This will be in conjunction with the VOTING at the end of the month. Of course you'll be the FIRST to know when the voting goes LIVE and you can get a chance at a Champagne Living/Marshall's Shopportunity of your own.


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Anonymous said...

I enjoy Marshall's and the champagne Living is really funny and good, too. Go, Girl!

Anonymous said...

Thank you champagne living for providing information about proper consumption of our ever so precious money! I love Marshall's too!

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