Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dr. Oz - in the AARP magazine this month

I don't think that I've used my AARP membership for much to tell you the truth. My health insurance is from AARP, but I was able to get the insurance WITHOUT paying their membership fee, so that doesn't count. The ONLY thing that I use my membership for is to read the AARP Magazine that comes each month. I like the fact that like Champagne Living, it includes travel, health, shopping, retirement, etc.

The May/June cover of AARP The Magazine features Dr. Oz, who in an inside story, unveils his exclusive life transformation plan. Normally, I'm not a fan of TV docs, but Dr. Oz is different...REALLY different.  He's down to earth, practical and totally likable in a Non-Hollywood way. If you get the magazine delivered, don't just toss it aside - because you'll LOVE some of the information that he offers.

Dr. Oz’s 6-Month Plan For Getting Healthy; a practical guide to wellness that your readers can incorporate into their everyday routines.

In addition to the Daily Checklist (Walk 30 Minutes, Brush and Floss, Drink Two Cups of Green Tea, Take Omega3s,VitaminD, and Calcium, Sleep 7-8 Hours a Night, and Meditate) This plan includes:

Month 1: Your Diet Makeover- Provides a three-day diet designed to jump-start your body to lose weight

Month 2: Tests & Numbers- Lists important medical tests and tests that readers can do at home to ensure that their health stays on track

Month 3: Ramp Up Your Exercise- Maps out a four-week exercise plan focused on weight-lifting, flexibility, and balance

Month 4: Manage Your Stress- Encourages readers to engage in daily activities such as deep breathing and meditation to reduce chronic stress

Month 5: Find Purpose- Challenges readers to define clearly what they want out of life to add to their overall sense of wellness

Month 6: Put it Together- Calls readers to retake the tests from Month 2 to see how their numbers have improved considerably since embarking on the six-month plan

Since for me this is Month 1 - I'm llooking over the Diet Makover. Dr. Oz states that by eating a little less every day, you can activate your sirtuin gene, which makes your cells more efficient and helps your body to repair itself. It's also designed to jump-start you're weight loss. Check out the diet as well as recipes on AARP's website. as well as the entire 6-month plan for Getting Healthy by Dr. Oz.


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