Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little firting never hurt anyone....

Check out what The Review Broads had to say about Harvey Prince's newest fragrance Eau Flirt. It's FUN, it's FLIRTY and I LOVE it (oh yeah, and in case you hadn't figured it out....I'm Broad "Z").

This is a great scent that's become an ADDITION to my Frumpy to Fabulous series. Why? Because it makes me feel absolutely WONDERFUL.

Stay tuned as I'll be highlighting ANOTHER Harvey Prince scent very soon that is my every day (and every night) scent as well.

Broad Z:
I feel pretty

Broad A: Are you trying to tell me something?

Broad Z: Well, yeah. I've been wearing a new scent and it makes me feel pretty. Can you smell it "A"?

Broad A: Well, since you're in Florida and I'm in Utah and the Internet doesn't have scratch & sniff YET. No!

Broad Z: I'll make you a $5.00 bet that you know what I smell like.

Broad A: Oh crap, I hate losing money.... WAIT "Z" - are you wearing the same thing I am? Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince.

Broad Z: Darn you "A" - when money's involved you get this weird intuition. It's not fair (and yes, I'm wearing Eau Flirt).

Broad A: I love Eau Flirt's light and slightly flowery fragrance.

Broad Z: So, do I. It must be that mix of lavender, pumpkin and other secret scents.

Broad Z: Well, you know then how feminine and "wanted" it can make you feel.

Broad A: Wanted? Wait, is your face on that poster in the post office AGAIN?

Broad Z: Didn't you know that Eau Flirt has been shown to provoke passion in men with just one whiff?

Broad A: So that's why the bag boy at the grocery was staring at me (I thought that I had food between my teeth).

Broad Z: Yup, there was actually a STUDY done by Drs, Alan Hirsch and Jason Gruss of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

Broad A: I think my neighbor took off with my bottle. I've GOT to get it back.

Broad Z: How can you let a fragrance so sexy and feminine just walk out of your life? You're single girlfriend, and Eau Flirt NEEDS to be in your man-hunter kit.

Broad A: Wait, I found it - she didn't take off with it. Whew.

Broad Z: Even if this eau de toilette didn't make all the guys come on to me, I'd still wear it. BECAUSE I LOVE THE SCENT.

Broad A: I don't EVER want to run out.

Broad Z: Don't worry so much, you can always purchase it online from Harvey Prince .
Anyway, wear this for a few weeks and you'll have the man of your dreams BUYING it for you...LOL. In all seriousness, this is a very light, high-end smelling fragrance that's going to be one of my go to scents from now on.

Broad A: Don't forget, you can follow Eau Flirt, Ageless and all of the Harvey Prince line on Twitter.

Broad Z: Yes, and you can also check them out on facebook.

Thank you to the Harvey Prince Company for providing us with review products/


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Martina said...

That’s crazy but sweet!
Flirting is always a great fun…… I am addicted to this perfume.

Jane Madison said...

It smells so fresh & beautiful that I feel like a flying butterfly

Susanne said...

Hope, this perfume must be so exciting & great fun like flirting itself!

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