Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Airline Miles - Is Continental my new Sugar Daddy?

I do love to travel. This year has been TOUGH in the travel department, not because there weren't deals, but because Mr. S. took ill and was hospitalized last month, which unfortunately had me re-thinking my upcoming vacation. I was planning on Paris in October (it had been planned for next week actually), but I didn't want to leave him so soon after he came home. My next jaunt is to NY in November to learn about the NEWEST toys and children's products for the upcoming holiday season.

In true Champagne Living style, I'll be involved in the Grand Opening of a new hotel - and YOU'LL be the FIRST to hear about it. From what I understand this hotel has sweeping views of Manhattan and the prices are SO NOT what you'd expect (remember - it's about living rich, not BEING rich). I'll give you ALL of the details as I get them and I'll be taking you with me via Champagne Living.

To help YOU get there (or anywhere for that matter), Continental Airlines has a promotion going on right now to give you 100 Free One Pass miles just for learning about their Pet Safe and Pet Pass programs. You must be a Continental OnePass member (signing up is easy) and visit the Offer Page. Sign up quickly, because this offer will expire on November 30th.


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