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F2F - Sensa Weight Loss System

I am trying my hardest to lose weight. As those of you who have gone this route (and many or us have done it again and again), you know that one day is a victory and the next can be a downhill slide.

Dealing with the frustration of being hungry, coupled with the small weight losses (and some weeks NONE at all) can lead to discouragement. Personally, I've never used an aid or a diet pill before. I think that they normally do more harm than good, as if you're not learning new habits, then you'll most certainly gain the weight back as soon as you stop using them.

Sensa, is an entirely new weight loss system that doesn't use appetite suppressants or fillers. I'd heard their ads on the radio and seen the spots on television talk shows and news magazines. So, when I was contacted to take a trial run of Sensa in order to talk about it as part of my Frumpy to Fabulous series, I figured. Why not?

I was a little wary, as I don't like the feeling of drugs, but I was assured that I'd have nothing to fear. Why? Because Sensa works on your sense of SMELL and not your appetite.

Dr. Alan Hirsch, MD , the Neurological Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago has spent 25 years researching the critical link between the sense of smell and weight loss. What he found was the people who had lost their sense of smell would lose a significant amount of weight. He understood that the urge to eat is not governed just by the stomach, but by the satiety center of the brain and that weight loss could be achieved through a sense of smell as well.

Dr. Hirsch went on to develop various combinations of Tastant and eventually identified those that triggered the most weight loss. Sensa is just that. Packets of Tastants that you sprinkle on your food. Because we get used to particular smells, the Tastants are changed monthly.

Your body knows when to stop eating!!!

  1. Scents from foods cause nerve receptors in the nose to send signals to the olfactory bulb.
  2. When the olfactory bulb is stimulated, it triggers the stiety center in the hypothalamus.
  3. This Triggers the release of hormones that suppress hunger and appetite.

I've been using Sensa for the past couple of months and YES I've lost weight. I'm 9lbs. less than I was when I started. I DID watch what I ate. Sensa's material states that you can eat what you want - but what they really mean is that you need to eat sensibly and that's what I did.

I consciously cut down on the junk that I was eating and added some protein bars to keep me going when I started to lose steak (more about those in another post). What I found was that I ate less. It was a bit easier to STOP eating when I had enough. I tend to be an emotional eater rather than one who eats strictly from hunger. If a food smells good, triggers memories or is a favorite - I'll overeat.

I sprinkled Sensa on EVERYTHING that I ate (except liquids). The Sensa packets have 2 sides. One for foods you'd use salt on and one for those that are sweet (sugars). Each box of Sensa has two shakers, one to use at home and one to keep with you (I keep it in my purse), so that you never forget it.

I have to say that the Sensa didn't make me FEEL any different. I was eating less and was satisfied. I REALLY DON'T know if it is the Sensa that did it, or my will-power. Whatever it is, it's working and I don't MESS with anything that works.

For those who like to do LOTS of research before starting a program, Dr. Hirsch has a new book: "The Sensa Weight Loss Program" that is soon to be released and is available for Pre-order from

I can't guarantee that Sensa will work for you. I think that you have to be READY to do a weight loss plan for ANY aid to really help. If you'd like to try though, the makers of Sensa are extending a VERY generous offer to Champagne Living's readers.

If you'd like to try Sensa as part of YOUR F2F (Frumpy to Fabulous) makeover. Simply use THIS LINK and you can get a Sensa Trial Kit FREE for 60-days and receive a $25 discount card to

Here's the REAL DEAL ~~~

If you take advantage of the free 60 trial offer, you have 30 days to try the product free of charge. If you like it, they do nothing, and you will then be billed for 60 day supply. If you do not like it, then just return it within the trial period and not pay anything but shipping. So, basically the small print is this....If you decide you don’t like the product and don’t want to get charged, you will need to ship the product back. However, they can keep the $25 gift card.


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