Monday, September 28, 2009

The Scoop that you WON'T want to miss.

If I say the name Loehmann's again, will I sound like a broken record to you? What can I say....I have a few favorite stores and they all happen to be off-price shopping stores. For casual wear and home, I LOVE TJ Maxx and Marshall's. If I need something a bit more elegant and upscale - it's Loehmann's. If I'm in the city it's Century 21.

Start your engine's now, because beginning September 29, 2009 Loehmann's is getting a major shipment from THAT very hip & chic Madison Avenue store. This specialty event will only be available at select Loehmann’s locations:
  • Upper West Side
  • Chelsea
  • Beverly Hills
  • Beverly Connection
  • San Francisco & San Francisco Men’s Store

You'll be able to buy all sorts of these high end goodies at


Yup - 95% off - see why I'm so excited?

There'll be apparel for both ladies and men, so drag your significant other with you for this one.

For you~

  • Designer Dresses: 29.99 to 199.99 at Loehmann’s when normally priced from $120 to $845 at the NY Store.
  • Contemporary Knits: regularly priced up to $795, now can be found from 19.99 to 99.99!
  • Designer Pants: Specialty store priced at $130 to $395, now can be yours at 29.99 to 199.99.
  • Contemporary Sweaters: Only 29.99 to 79.99 at Loehmann’s as opposed to $128 to $130 .
For Him ~

  • Top Name Designer Suits: Now only $299 to $499 instead of the specialty price of $795 to $1,495.
  • Men’s Sportscoats: Can be yours for 149.99 to $349 which is marked down from the “regular” price of $475 to $1,295!
  • Sweaters for Guys: Now only priced at 39.99 to 79.99 from the specialty price of $225 to $712.
  • Premium Designer Denim: Formerly $180 to $395, now all under 99.99 And so much more!
So, get out your charge cards, hit the ATM, or whatever it is that you do when you go shopping. As long as you don't miss this one!


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Deals Hunt said...

it seams to be great deal.

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