Monday, September 14, 2009

Safeway and Looney Tunes - Eating Right Kids

It's a tradition really. For decades products have been teaming up with television characters to get your children to beg you to buy the latest toy, game, clothes even bedding. It's just the way of the world of marketing. As soon as you pass that HOT character on anything from a notebook to a t-shirt, you can be guaranteed that your son/daughter will be screeching "MOMMY PLEASE, I want it."

Now Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes have teamed up with Safeway to create an Eating Right Kids line of meals, snacks, cereals and drinks that your kids will once again be begging for. The difference? These will be products that you already WANT them to eat. Formulated to the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations, Eating Right Kids is combining GOOD NUTRITION and FUN for your kids.

I had the pleasure of trying a few of the products and overall, I found them to come in CONVENIENT sizes for packing in a lunch box as well as the products that kids love. The apple juice and snack bar that I was sent were a perfect afternoon snack for kids or adults. If you're a mom who prefers sending their kids to school with FRESH foods (like me) - they even have packets of fresh carrots with fat free ranch dip, apples with peanut butter and grapes with cheese bites.

With a line of over 60 items (YIKES), encompassing everything from breakfast to desserts (and even PRODUCE) you'll be able to go shopping and hear "MOMMY PLEASE, I want it." and feel good about tossing them into your shopping carriage.

Safeway's Eating Right Kids initiative (an offshoot of Saveway's Eating Right line for we adults), was found to have a positive impact on childhood obesity by the Federal Trade Commission.

So, the next time you're shopping at Safeway and the kids are SCREAMING for that Looney Tune's character. Be assured that you are purchasing something GOOD for them.


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