Thursday, August 6, 2009

What are you embarassed about but do anyway?

This afternoon I got caught in a thunderstorm. It was one of those huge downpours that you have to pull over to the side of the road and wait it out. We lost electricity, which meant the traffic lights were out and the gate to our community wouldn't automatically open for my transponder, etc. So, I had to wait...wait for the rain to subside, wait for all of the impatient people who don't know how to 4-way stop at a traffic signal that's "out" and wait for the guard to put up the "visitor's" gate and let the residents in one at a time by checking. So, I did what all people do in this situation - I listened to the radio.

Talk Radio - as a matter of fact. The Love Doctors on WZZR to be exact....and they were talking about the music that they LOVE but are embarrassed to admit that they listen to (like the "How Deep is Your Love" by the BeeGee's, "Stand by Your Man" by Tammy Wynette, etc).

It got me thinking about MY little secrets that I enjoy, but cringe when I have to admit them. Most of mine have to do with television, because it's so EASY to find BAD TV that you love, so I thought I'd make a list just for fun.

Things I'm TOTALLY embarrassed about - but LOVE anyway ~

1. The fact that I actually LISTEN to Talk Radio - not the heady political kind, but the inane one's where they get the most ridiculous callers.

2. The Real Housewives of....doesn't matter which one's, I watch them all. I love nothing more than watching a train wreck.

3. Listening to the Indigo Girls - Mr. S. flashes "the look" when I turn up the volume.

4. Self-help and diet books - I read them like they're novels put them back on the shelf to collect dust. I got this from my mom who LOVED collecting cookbooks, but never used one when she cooked.

5. Rachel Zoe - I love the fact that she knows her stuff and LOOKS together - yet she makes me feel so SANE.

6. Getting the newspaper but only looking at the ads - I'd rather get the news from TV or the Internet.

Speaking of Rachel Zoe, for those like me who are addicted to her, she's just created a new site/newsletter - The Zoe Report - Free Daily Glamour in your inbox. UGH - is this going to be something else to add to the list???

OK, make me feel better....what are your secret admissions. You can even comment as "anonymous"


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Lady Magick said...

I'm a little embarrassed to advertise my blog to my friends. I'm proud of it but it kinda makes me sound like cheapskate because the blog is about getting freebies. I like helping people get them though!

kasandria said...

I absolutely LOVE reality TV I know it's nothing but junk, but I get sucked in anyway lol and I read gossip blogs.

BOJESNE said...

I'm not really embarassed about it but I don't brag about it either. I actually like picking up bottles and other junk while riding my big three wheel trike. It motivates me to exercise seeing what I will find. One day I found a $50 bill, and I've also found a gold earring!

Zippy said...

Picking up junk is good for the environment & it looks like Karma got you for doing good - $50!!!! That's sweet.

Yup, reality TV, other than American Idol - which I'm not embarrassed to admit I watch.

BOJESNE said...

Yeah good Karma! Lottery! Karma! Yeah!

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