Friday, August 14, 2009

A coat of polish and I feel "finished."

Why is it that when I look down at my fingers and toes that if they're not well manicured that i feel sort of....I don't know....frumpy maybe? I could be hanging around the house in a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt with no makeup on, but if my nails are done I feel a bit more pulled together. It doesn't have to be anything FANCY mind you. Even a simple clear coat will do.

I'm VERY lucky to have white nail beds, so I can easily toss on a coat of that light pink, like Daddy's Girl" by Duri and I actually look like I have a french manicure, only more natural.

This past week has been a little off-center to say the least. I was generally "out of the groove" as we used to say. I went to bed late each night, slept until at LEAST 9:00 AM (FYI: I almost NEVER sleep past 7:00), spent 8 hours a day staring at my computer screen and only did about an hour's worth of work and otherwise chased my tail.

As a result, I was cranky and out of sorts (sorry I snapped at you Ava).

I KNEW what I had to do. I needed some "ME" time. Mom's, working women, anyone who manages a household, family or life in general needs a little "ME" time each week and for me the easiest way is by pampering myself a little bit. It was time for a coat of polish and the fact that I HAD to relax or I'd ruin my manicure. Maybe that's why a mani/pedi is so relaxing, because you have to DO NOTHING while you wait for it to dry!!!

Thanks to Duri Cosmetics I was able to use the exact same polish that is used in Spa's WORLDWIDE. They sent me the color that I love, that light pink Daddy's Girl.
I've been looking over their "Berry Ready for My Close-Up" Collection, because it would be nice to have the six romantic movie-inspired shades that make up this set includingAt only $5.00 a bottle, it's a treat that is affordable and at the same time luxurious. Oh and they even got the 2008 Best Beauty Award!


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