Saturday, August 15, 2009

Carefree Ultra gave me the BEST gift today.

Back in June, I wrote a sort of silly post about Carefree Ultra Protection. In it I talked about the little problem that I have when I laugh and how Carefree helped that problem. I also wrote about a WONDERFUL program that they were running at the time to raise money for a program that helps women make changes in their lives.

Today I received a VERY special Thank-You from Carefree and it's probably the NICEST thank you gift that I can imagine getting.

I was sent a $20 Gift Card to use at GlobalGiving.

This allowed me to donate $20 to a cause that's very near and dear to my heart ~ The Arts in Education program youngARTS that provides recognition and awards to young artists across the country. It is the only national program that recognizes young artistic excellence in all disciplines.

Having come from a STRONG arts background (I went to college for dance therapy) and having been not only a performer but a teacher of the performing arts, both with the RI State Council on the Arts as well as in various school systems, I know first hand about under-funding and the difficult time that children persuing an education in the arts are facing.

So, from the bottom of my heart.....THANK YOU CAREFREE, you made my day.


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