Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Bronze Goddess

As usual, summer was shorter than I like it to be. Of course living in South Florida, we get a longer season than those of you in the North, but still - I seem to only hit the beach or pool in the summer season (unless I have guests). Even though it might be 70 degrees here mid-winter, you'll see Floridian's wearing winter coats and bundling up (I'm a transplanted New Englander and this ALWAYS cracks me up).

I don't know about you, but I'm going to miss looking like a bronze goddess, walking the beach in my string bikini and turning heads - whoops, sorry - fantasy snuck in there.

We all know that the safest tan is one that doesn't come directly from the sun (or tanning beds), but rather from a sunless tanner. Believe it or not, I've NEVER USED A SUNLESS TANNER BEFORE. Never, ever, ever. I have deep olive skin and a walk outside in a pair of shorts results in a tan for me. But, as I age, my tan looks mottled rather than even.

Solérra sunless tanning science recently sent me the NEW Solérra Instant Bronzing Mitt as well as the Solérra eXmitt (an all over body buff) to help me BECOME that bronze goddess that I've dreamed of being.

Both mitts, are just that. You simply cut open the package and slide your hand into a mitt. There's no contact between your hand and any of the tanning or exfoliation formula at all.

The eXmitt had coarse granules in a VERY moisturizing formula. I simply used the mitt by applying in a circular motion. There was no need to even RINSE (I know, that sounds strange). My skin was smooth and all of the dead skin was gone. This is a product that I'd use even when NOT following up with the tanner, as it leaves you with a polished feel to the skin. My skin was soft and ready to go to the next step.

The Solérra Instant Bronzing Mitt was SO easy to use. I've never used a sunless tanner before, mainly because I had heard horror stories about staining, streaking and ending up with orange looking skin. The mitt made is so that my hand never even touched the solution and it dried IMMEDIATELY! At first I was a little disappointed, because I really couldn't see much of a difference. Six hours later, I had an even tan! I used it on my legs first. I wanted to see what the outcome would be before I used the mitt on my face. Tonight I'm going to finish the job, so that I have a nice golden look all over.

Solérra products use a patented sunless polymer deliver system called Invisicare. This is what creates that moisturized feel and allows the active ingredients to bond with the skin in four to six hours. It's resistant to washing off and it gives JUST THE RIGHT LEVEL of the formula directly to your skin. I guess that most tanners tend to dry the skin, so the Invisicare layer allows for that full absorption (which is why my legs looked evenly tan).

When I used both the ExMitt and the Instant Bronzing Mitt, I already had a base tan. The problem was that it was very mottled looking. Using these products evened my tan out and took me from a patchy tan to a golden brown.

A set of 4 of the mitts (and you can use BOTH sides of them) is $24.95. That's enough to keep your tan for an entire month. They'll even send you one FREE for 12 days (.99) so you can try it before you commit to their VIP program (which will keep you tan all year long). You can also get 3 ExMitts for only $11.97.

Now that I'm a bronze goddess, I have to figure out how to get into that bikini.


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