Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School - college style PLUS a way to win $100

Is it me, or was life a whole lot EASIER and CHEAPER before our son went to college? Yes, he's an adult and can make decisions for himself, but somehow he never makes enough money to really take care of things in his life. Either that or he spends like a drunken sailor (LIGHTBULB MOMENT).

I was thinking back to his first year of college and how excited he was to be moving into the dorm and away from home for the first time. For those facing their child's freshman year - here are a few tips for stocking the dorm room

Essentials -
  1. A mini fridge - Why? because that purchase that looks expensive when you 1st buy it actually saves if he/she's running to 7-11 to buy soda & juice every day. That way they can buy their Sprite by the case & save....
  2. Forget about an account at the school's cafeteria - they refuse to eat there after the first week. You're better off just giving them a gift certificate to the local Chinese restaurant or pizza joint.
  3. Decorating the dorm room - OK, I have a boy. His idea of decorating the room amounted to a pile of dirty (stinky) clothes shoved in a corner or strewn about the room. Which brings me to...
  4. Don't forget a hamper. Heck buy a dozen of them. They never wash clothes anyway & that way they can use them instead of a dresser (or they can just pick them up off of the floor & put them on the next day).
  5. Books - Go ahead and spend $175 on that history book. Why not? The professor isn't using it and there's not a SINGLE thing in it that they'll ever use. Seriously.
  6. Febreze - OK, this one you'll need to stock up on (you'll know why when you make your first visit)
  7. Soda & Junk Food - Sprite and Chips - that's a balanced diet right?
  8. A cell phone - you might need a second mortgage to pay the bill....wait, why are they calling the guys in the room next door?
Sprite is giving Champagne Living's Readers a chance to win!!!

Every 10 minutes until 8/31, Sprite is giving away up to $100 cash (as downloadable eCash from MasterCard or as a check reward redeemable at a network of retailers). They've given Champagne Living's readers a SPECIAL CODE to enter.

Just type in 100876829464 once you're registered to see if you’re an instant winner; it’s as easy as that! The code can only be used once per individual.

You can play again by buying Sprite and entering the My Coke Rewards code.
See Rules for more details.


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foamfan said...

Thanks for the instant win code! Even if you don't win the $100, they still enter you in the weekly $1000 drawing...
Another dorm tip; if you're on the first floor and there's a large shrub outside the some times of the year, grasshoppers or other creepy-crawlers can invade the room, through even the tiniest crack in a window screen. Which, I suppose, is excellent for the biology student who's into bugs, but a horror story for anyone else.

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