Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the mansion we're VERY cultured.....

The importance of culture when living the FABULOUS lifestyle that you and I do can't be understated. So, when sending invitations or other correspondence the paper goods that you use to send have to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. This means, that for your next BEER BLAST party - you MUST find JUST THE RIGHT invitation.

All kidding aside, it is important for me to choose elegant stationery. At the same time, I want something that's eco-friendly.

In these days of using technology for everything from work to personal correspondence, I get the feeling that we've lost the personal side of mailing a hand-written card or letter. Sending invitations with a little note on them, etc. let's the receiver know that you value them enough to take the time and effort to make a connection.

I was able to find EVERYTHING that I want in a card at Paper Culture. They sent me some sample cards as well as a few lovely cards that I'll be able to send (Thank-you's and more) to review last week.

I'd be proud to send their simple, yet elegantly designed invitations, announcements and thank-you cards. Not only do they print up the invitations, but they can print a different personal message on every card if you choose.

Moreover, their mail and message program allows customers the option of having Paper Culture stuff, address, stamp and mail the cards on their behalf, and until January 1, 2010, the only charge for this service is the actual cost of the stamps! Holiday cards, anyone?

With cards as low as $1.49 each, I'm pretty sure that you'll find JUST what you're looking for. Oh & they were recently given out to the nominees of the 2009 Tony Awards as part of the Gala Gift Bags!


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