Monday, July 6, 2009

Wear Your Music?

Normally I like to listen to my music - LOL. You know, the soulful guitar playing of Clapton, the bluegrass of David Grisman (yes, I'm a Grisman/Garcia fan) and the hot banjo playing of Bela Fleck (can't wait to see "Throw Down Your Heart" when it comes to a local theatre). So, why am I WEARING MY MUSIC?????

I was recently sent a bracelet from Wear Your Music to review.
My loyal readers know how important I feel it is to promote companies that give back to their communities as well as charity, so I was very excited to hear about this unusual way to show your support.

Wear Your Music
, allows you to support the charities that are dearest to your favorite artists as well as to help recycle and make a fashion statement ALL ROLLED INTO ONE beautiful bracelet. Wear Your Music takes the old used guitar strings of some of the greatest musicians of our time and creates stylish affordable bracelets that allow fans and customers to wear a piece of rock history on their wrists.

Plus, in addition to recycling the strings that these musicians would normally throw away, WYM also uses 100% recycled silver for the beautiful engraved clasp on the bracelet. Each bracelet is packaged in a completely recycled DVD case and comes with a certificate of authenticity. A portion of proceeds goes back to each musician’s charity of choice, many of which are environmental non-profits.

Imagine wearing Eric Clapton's guitar strings while supporting his Crossroads Foundation or supporting the Back to You Fund, while donning the used strings from John Mayer's guitar on your wrist. This is a wonderful way to give to charity while supporting your favorite artists.

In addition to bracelets made from an individual artist's strings, WYM also carries Fashion Bracelets made from used guitar strings starting at only $7.00, and YES a portion of the proceeds go to charity.

The bracelets look good worn alone (like mine is in the picture), or by wearing a group of bracelets. The nice thing about these is that they are totally unisex and would look great on both men and women.

I like to give gifts that also support charitable organizations, so I'm keeping Wear Your Music on my birthday/holiday hot list this year. With all of the teenagers and twenty-something's that I go crazy trying to buy for, this will make shopping for them a piece of cake.

Hey, you can still LISTEN to Pink Floyd, but why not do it while wearing your Roger Waters bracelet?

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Beth said...

This is fantastic. I will probably buy one or two or even three. Thanks

Monique said...

My hubby is a musician & I would LOVE to get him one of these!!! These are awesome!!! Thanks for telling us about them!!!

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