Friday, July 10, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - with Ultimate Nights

To say that after 29 years of marriage that things are a little - um, lukewarm would probably be correct. So, when Ultimate Nights contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in checking out some of their luxury lifestyle and romance products, I was intrigued.

Could we spice things up at the mansion?

I eagerly awaited my package, and kept this whole "romance package" a secret from Mr. S. I was unsure of what they would be sending, so I figured the wait and see approach would work best.

My gift basket arrived and I quickly ran into the office, closed the door and ripped open the box. In it was a plastic basket filled with a natural soy blend candle with grape seed oil in a scent called "Patience" (appropriate for someone our ages...LOL), a bottle of Natural Instinct a pheromone-release cologne for both men and women, and an **ahem** - small palm sized personal massager (a purple Zen Massager to be exact). which is supposed to relieve neck tension and muscle soreness....*wink, *wink.

Could I set the stage for a romantic night? You bet I was going to try.

After dinner as we sat down to watch a little TV. I doused myself with the cologne and lit the candle. Mr. S liked the candle scent, but told me I smelled like a 5-year old who had spilled my mother's bottle of perfume on myself (maybe I put too much on). So much for the pheromones. We snuggled up and watched a little TV.

Uh oh, I had left my "Zen personal massager" on the coffee table. Why'd I do that? Shoot - he asked me what it was and with the flick of my finger, I had it bzzzzing.

From the look on Mr. S's face I knew what was coming next.......LAUGHTER. Uncontrollable laughter. Both he and I started giggling like schoolgirls. We were doubled over and hanging on to each other, hysterical. The laughing became hugging, the hugging became.....hey, wait....this is a TOTALLY private matter.

OK, so maybe the whole romance thing didn't work out QUITE the way that Ultimate Nights had planned - or maybe it did! Anyway about it we had FUN and a little romance, so all in all I'd say it was a successful attempt.

With their "Tastefully Done, Delightfully Fun" products, you can be assured of creating a romantic evening or a FUN one like we had. Oh & did I mention that they have some of the BEST candles as well as bath & body products?

I think that had I attended one of the Ultimate Nights parties, with a bunch of girl's I would have been better prepared. PLUS - it would have been a LOT of fun. By the way, if you're looking to make a little extra money, Ultimate Nights offers amazing lucrative business opportunities for women looking to earn some money with a home-based business, or maybe you'd just like to host a party for your friends. They even offer online ordering if you decide you just want to shop for a few things to spice up YOUR life from the comfort of home.

Hmmm....maybe I should have ordered the sequined g-string and pasties and put on a little performance.....LOL.

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