Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cotton panties and summer heat.

As I was ripping through my drawer looking for a comfortable pair of cotton panties (the only kind I'll wear on a HOT summer day), I noticed the little green dot on the back of the waistband and thought how lucky I was to have tested these comfy undies. I now have quite a selection (although the little dots and codes in the waistbands brings back memories of summer camp), thanks to having comfort tested LOTS of different styles.

Here is an OLD post from last November for those of you who might be interested in doing some wear tests as well.

Please look the other way as I "re-adjust" my "lingerie." I use the term lingerie rather loosely as they are plain white, cotton panties and they are so UNCOMFORTABLE that I could scream.

It's a good thing that the one's I have to wear tommorrow won't make me nearly as miserable. Change them you say? Why suffer in uncomfortable undergarments? Well, I'm doing a "Wear Test" this month.

I've been sent 3 pair of undies that all appear to be the same (trust me, they're not). Each is marked with a different LETTER on the inside of the band (like what mom used to do when you went to camp). I have to rotate these daily, then wash them (thank goodness) and report back to the company what I like or dislike about how they fit, do they stand up to my washing machine habits, etc. At the end of the test I get paid $10 and I get to keep them. I'm trashing my pair of "K"s the MINUTE I get the chance ("J" & "L" are much better).

I have done about a half dozen of these tests. Sometimes I HATE ALL of what they send and sometimes I LOVE them all. Most of the time, they throw ONE in that I'm not so enamored with, just to fool me. But, I haven't bought panties (or bras, or pantihose) in a long, long time, thanks to these tests.

There are a LOT of companies out there who are looking for human guinea pigs to wear their products in order to learn how to make them more comfortable, user friendly and saleable. Sports Clothing (especially sneakers) have to do these tests for obvious reasons, however they usually ask for the sneakers back after you are finished testing them. Maybe they need to look over the treads themselves or something like that. I don't mind sending them back (they pay postage in both directions). I've had the chance to wear NEW, CUTTING edge technology running shoes for 6 months without paying for them.

If you'd like to test these products as well, you can sign up with these companies.

New Balance uses wear testers for all of their brands including NB, PF Flyer, Dunham, Aravon, Warrior and Brine. Sign up for these HERE.

Runners are always in demand for the Brooks Running Shoe Wear Test Program. If you're a runner, you can sign up HERE.

U30 has LOTS of opportunities for testers to wear all sorts of items. Men, women & children (with parents reporting I assume) may fill out the form HERE.

NIKE the leader in athletic wear wants testers to evaluate their products for fit, performance and durability. You can let them know that you're interested in participating in their program HERE.

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Nina said...

It makes me laugh to think about human guinea pigs and panties!

Zippy said...

Where's my wheel? LOL -

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