Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remembering the 5¢ Lemonade Stand

We've all been there. Standing outside on a hot summer day with mom's bridge table set up and a home-made sign flapping in the wind. We yelled at cars going by until we were horse, calling out "lemonade 5¢." With each few minutes that passed, we'd drink another glass ourselves (to try to ward off the heat) until we had a few cents in our makeshift register and an empty Tupperware container. Once we split the money, there was barely enough for a candy bar - but we didn't care because we had done it ourselves.

Now, just in time for the hot summer season, Kelly Ripa and Electrolux have set up a Virtual Lemonade Stand in order to drive awareness as well as raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research.

You can help this cause, by opening up a Virtual Lemonade Stand of your own, because for EVERY STAND that is opened Electrolux will donate $1.00 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. PLUS - you can tell your friends and sell VIRTUAL GLASSES of lemonade to them, increasing the amount of money to be donated. 100% off the proceeds will benefit OCRF. I set up my stand and I'll be selling Raspberry Meyer, Sparkling Ginger and Passion Fruit Lemonades. Sounds like the start of a great summer day to me.

While you're at the Electrolux site you might want to check out their newest French Door Refrigerators, because by opening your lemonade stand YOU'LL BE ENTERED TO WIN ONE OF YOUR VERY OWN!

This is such a great way to raise awareness, raise money, and bring back some fun childhood memories. Not only that, but the lemonade flavors have SPARKED some ideas for a fun party at The Mansion. I can picture setting up a REAL lemonade stand serving these drinks by the pool, lighting the grill and relaxing with my friends. Summer parties are always fun and seem to be much easier to prepare for than the sit down dinners, because we cook less and have more fresh cut fruits and veggies (ah - less time in the kitchen).

Now this is a cool drink that I can get behind!

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