Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In an ice cream kind of mood.

The heat in South Florida has been excruciating - and we're only three days into summer. I can't imagine what it will be like in August (which always seems the hottest). I keep thinking that we'll have to go stay at my dad's condo, which is directly ON the ocean, in order to feel a LITTLE breeze.

So, of course I'm craving all sorts of things that are cold. Ice cold lemonade, well chilled watermelon and of course ICE CREAM. Lots & lots of ICE CREAM. Twittermoms sent me a link to Baskin Robbins cakes and I'm totally drooling over the fact that Baskin Robbins has this great new ice cream cake for only $9.99. As a die-hard choco-holic, this is MY kind of a treat.

It's got layers of mini chocolate caramel cups, fudge brownie pieces and caramel over Chocolate ice cream on a base of crushed chocolate cookie. I'm thinking that it would be GREAT for a 4th of July celebration. Isn't a Brownie Sundae the most AMERICAN treat that you can think of?

Guess where I'm stopping on my way home from the eye doctor today? MMMM.....chocolate.


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