Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Samples, Gifts and more

There seem to be quite a few GOOD free stuff, free samples, etc. this week, so I thought that I'd pass them along to you to help you REALLY live the good life for less. Wait, I mean - live the good live for FREE (that's even better).

Summertime is SUNGLASSES time and the BEST way to keep them free of scratches is to make sure that you put them in a case when you take them off. You can get a FREE Eyeglass case from Windsor Eyes just for registering on their site.

Coach (yes, THAT Coach) - you know, the company that makes those GORGEOUS handbags that are classic and NEVER go out of style is giving away a free gift to celebrate their newest collection of handbags, shoes, t-shirts and jewelry being marketed to a younger crowd. Simply fill out the form and bring it to your local Coach store, while supplies last.

After laying out in the sun all day, make sure to MOISTURIZE your skin or you'll be peeling like CRAZY. Eucerin is giving FREE SAMPLES of Aquafor Healing Ointment to help you do just that.

You've got the hot dogs, hamburgs, cole slaw and potato salad. You've staked out your spot to watch the fireworks, so what's missing? Some patriotic music to celebrate the birth of our nation - that's what. Green Hill Media is offering a selection of 5 free downloads set the patriotic mood to your 4th of July bash.

Whoo hoo - here's a Champagne Living FAVORITE! If you have a JC Penney nearby, you can print up this coupon, waltz in (or tango or cha cha) and get yourself a FREE 10-Day supply of Bare Minerals Matte Foundation PLUS a Baby Buki Brush at the Sephora counter.

Get ready to swing in style with 5 free Gold martini golf tees. Supposedly these tees allow you to tilt the ball towards the cup an extra 20% degrees, which provides longer, straighter drives and a longer roll. You need become a fan of their Facebook page here, then send an email with your mailing address to: freetees@martinigolftees.com. Hurry though, as this expires on 6/30/09.

If you've waited until NOW to start to get bikini ready (or if you're like me and wear those tankini's with a skirt), Slim-Fast is offering a FREE weight loss program on their site. It even includes a custom meal planner and a FITNESS planner, tailored specifically to your needs. You can even connect with others on their site to help motivate each other (you know that it's always easier to diet with a buddy).

Enjoy - I'll be back later with MORE ways to help you live the good life for less. Enjoy your free stuff!

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