Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review - B as in Beauty

B as in Beauty

Author: Alberto Ferreras

The heat here in South Florida rose to almost 100 degrees yesterday, so it was a great day to stay inside in the air conditioning and grab a great summer read. I have to say that I hadn't really kicked back with a "fun" book in quite a while. I enjoyed every relaxing moment and I'm planning on doing a LOT more of it this summer.

We've all been there. For me it's a glance in the mirror and the realization that I don't look the way that I'd like to and there goes the self-image. For Beauty, it's her name. Overweight since she was a child and constantly reminded by her name, that she isn't what her name says she is. Beauty, never feeling like she belongs. She just uses the letter "B", as Beauty seems like a cruel joke to her.

Stuck in a job that she loves, but has no chance of advancing because of her looks, "B" feels destined to be stuck. That is until she meets a strange woman who helps her find herself in the most unusual way.

This book is a fun, quick read, that catches you at that point between laughing out loud and feeling sad. You'll enjoy reading the encounters "B" has as she "comforts" men and grows to love herself just the way that she is.

Be aware that this book is full of adult themes, with lots of sexual and erotic references. They are not explicit, and tend to be quite funny - but they are not for the conservative reader.


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