Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another book review - Swimsuit - review by Ava Rogers

Ava's been checking out the hottest new books for summer. For all of you James Patterson fans, she got a sneak peek of this much anticipated book that's sure to be a Beach Favorite.


Authors: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

When I got “Swimsuit" by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (another fine author) I tore open the envelope and swore I would put down the book by 11:00 pm LATEST! NOT!

Patterson and Paetro’s newest novel proves to be another stunner. Benjamin Hawkins, a sometimes writer, ex-cop, and now journalist for the L.A. Times gets the assignment of the year to Maui, Hawaii – a famous swimsuit model, Kim McDaniels has gone missing on location. When her panicked parents Mr. and Mrs. McDaniels, who have just gotten a phone message saying that “Kim has fallen into bad hands” arrive in Maui, Hawkins introduces himself and they agree to let him accompany them in their search for Kim.

Four other have occurred and the local police have no lead on Kim McDaniels. Benjamin flies home to L.A. and his girlfriend Amanda. Benjamin eventually finds himself telling the personal story of his encounters with Henri Benoit, a psychopath, master of disguise, and serial killer. Benoit kills for fun – and profit. He videos each kill and sends them via email with his trademark "Is everybody happy" message to very rich and diverse clientele of voyeurs called The Alliance. Back in L.A., Hawkins gets an email - “Is everybody happy yet?” When he opens the email the attached video shows an unidentified man, naked, holding Kim McDaniels' disembodied head spurting blood onto the bed where she lies to the camera lens.

As Hawkins and his girlfriend Amanda become the focus for Benoits’s new “project,” the novel's twists and turns as Ben and Amanda find their way out of the killer's labyrinth, provide enough entertainment for anyone who loves a fantastic Patterson plot.

Mr. Patterson and Maxine Paetro have done their best to keep their readers - exhausted and trying to sleep - but turning each page until the end!

Another Superb summer read by Mr. Patterson and Ms. Paetro. This one is Born to be on the Best Seller's list!


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