Monday, June 8, 2009

and Away We Go (to live the good life)

"and Away we Go" - most of you are too young to remember Jackie Gleason and The Honeymooner's (except maybe from watching the re-runs on late night and nostalgia television), but that was one of his favorite phrases. I used to love that show. On the surface, it was

OK, so it's not my HOUSE - but it's my 2nd home

about a dysfunctional couple with Ralph Kramden REALLY believing HE was the head of the household, when in truth in was Alice. But underneath it all - it was about a truly loving couple and their concept of home (including their "extended" family of friends living in the tenement with them).

My concept of home has changed a LOT these past few years since moving from Rhode Island to Florida. Even though we've been living here for five years, I still consider RI to be home (and I consider Paris to be my second home). It's where my friends and family are - and where I feel the most welcome. Maybe one day Florida will have that feel for me (half of my family lives here), but for now it is the place that I live. I have the feeling that Mr. S. feels the same way. Of course, with no kids in the house anymore - that may have a LOT to do with it.

So, for me "HOME" is not about a structure, but rather it is the place that I feel most LOVED.

"Away We Go" is a new movie by Sam Mendes about a couple searching the country for the place that they WANT to bring up their expectant child and make a HOME. It explores what HOME means to them. I'm not a huge movie buff like Mr. S or our son (the budding filmmaker), but this is one of those that I can't wait to see when it's released nationally on June 25th.

If you'd like to have the opportunity to win movie tickets or some other great "Away We Go" prizes, twittermoms is offering a contest. All you need to do is to simply write a post on your own blog with your definition of what “home” is and then tweet about it from their widget! All of the details can be found on their site.

Good luck!

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