Saturday, May 9, 2009

Your Secret Shopping Scheduler and YOU!

You really want to mystery shop and you've even signed up online and completed a shop or two. You've seen lots of shops listed, you've gotten e-mails from the companies that you've signed up with and you seem to be missing all of the great shops.

Here's a HINT!

Get to know your scheduler (the person who assigns shops in your area or for a particular mystery shopping company). Let them know that they can count on you to:

  • Always get your shop completed and submitted ON TIME. If an emergency comes up CALL YOUR SCHEDULER IMMEDIATELY. Your shopping company is under a deadline and so are you. Not completing your shop in a timely manner may result in you not getting any further assignments.

  • If you have questions regarding your shop - ASK. Don't take it upon yourself and assume. Your scheduler will appreciate knowing that you understand all of the requirements of your shop and how to perform it.

  • When you DO contact your scheduler. Have your shopper number and assignment number handy (and make sure to give them your name and city/state), so that they don't have to go searching through paperwork. Help your scheduler help you.

  • Submit great reports, with proper grammar, complete sentences and all of the information that the shop guidelines ask for. Make your schedulers job easier, so that they don't have to contact you with questions regarding the shop.

A thorough, responsible shopper will be the one to get those GREAT shops you see posted. Make it a point to be THAT shopper and be the one your scheduler calls on FIRST.


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The Daily Blonde said...

Zippy--I've done mystery shopping for years. I stopped during the time I had my surgeries but I am back on it now that I see your posts. I've had great luck with Closer Look. I just signed up for the others you mentioned. It's a great way to eat for free (or less) and I think every penny counts these days!

Heather Goldsmith said...

Thank you so much for this information. I've wanted to do this for years. The issues that have made me hesitant to sign up is are doubts about the legitamacy of these programs and concerns about being stuck with the bill. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your information and the links provided.
Thank you again, Heather

Beth said...

I also had a great Secret Shop with stores that you have mentioned. Although it's a lot of work for not a lot of money. My brain can't wrap around the forms that I needed to fill out. But it was a great opportunity.

Zippy said...


Chuck Paul (the owner) pf A Closer Look just called me the other day to chat. What a wonderful company (plus GREAT shops) and the nicest people.


The companies listed within my posts are ones that I've shopped for personally. The ADS at the top & on the side are put there by google ads. I've seen great companies listed as well as scams - just remember - you should NOT have to PAY to be a mystery shopper or for information.


It depends on what kind of shops and how many you're doing. If you plan your route well, you can make good money. Restaurants pay the least (or nothing). I'll NEVER give up my hotel/resort shops though as they each pay over $100 (plus room service, drinks at the bar, breakfast - Champagne Living - until it's time to sit down and write the report..LOL).

Laura Garmendia said...

Do you have a link for doing hotel/resort shops? I have done a few grocery shops and restaurants...and would like to try this.


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