Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Cooking With All Things Trader Joe's

Because we were renting a house for our recent "vacation" in New England, I knew that it meant cooking rather than going out to dinner. It also meant entertaining our friends and family who wanted to see us while we were in town.

Just in case I needed some ideas for our party I had brought along my copy of Cooking With all things Trader Joe's cookbook that they had sent me to review. I knew that there was a Trader Joe's in Warwick, RI - which was an easy trip for me. I needed appetizers and I needed them FAST!

I had 16 people coming over to visit on a Sunday and although people were bringing food and I had ordered pizza and cake, I wanted a little something else (especially since I had some non-meat eating guests coming). I hightailed it to Trader Joe's with my copy of Cooking With all things Trader Joe's and began my adventure. The decision to make the Black Bean and Ricotta-Stuffed Poretabellas was easy. Like all of the recipes in this cookbook, the items were inexpensive, found at Trader Joe's and mosts importantly not overly complicated!

I found EVERYTHING that I needed (and a few extras that I just HAD TO HAVE) and checked out. Then it was back to the cottage to begin cooking.

It was more like a quick assembly than cooking as it took me a whopping 5 minutes to throw it all together and another 12 minutes to cook it. By the way - I AM NOT A COOK!!! I married a man in the restaurant business so I wouldn't have to cook, so I'm no expert in the kitchen - but SURPRISE - this came out GREAT. Not only did it make a great appetizer, but because the recipe called for those HUGE Portobello Mushrooms, it was big enough for DINNER.

We're back in Florida now and I have my trusty copy of Cooking with all things Trader Joe's on the counter to use REGULARLY. Oh & my friends and family actually think that I can cook!!

If you'd like to see recipes that are from items at Trader Joe's - check out their BLOG. There are recipes, reviews and even contests listed! You can pick up a copy of Cooking with all things Trader Joe's at Borders, Waldenbooks for $29.95 or Amazon for only $19.77.

Bon Apetit!


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RobynsOnlineWorld said...

I recently discovered Trader Joes and really like it. The cookbook sounds great! Did you see the Trader Joes "commercial" video? It is hilarious!

Zippy said...

I really like Trader Joe's too. It's the perfect combination of a Whole Foods type market with LOWER prices!

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