Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mystery Shopping, The Good Life and Me

If you hadn't noticed lately, Champagne Living has been going through some minor changes lately. For long time readers looking for the BEST of how to live the good life for less, mystery shop, get VIP treatment on a Priceline budget, etc., I hope that you'll bear with me.

First - I'm currently on vacation in New England, so posting has been reduced a bit, as we're here for our son's graduation from college and to reconnect with family and old friends. You should be seeing things get back to normal next week.

Second - More and more of you have been requesting information about Secret Shopping. Since Champagne Living is about ALL aspects of living the good life for less, I've created a separate site designed specifically for learning HOW TO MYSTERY SHOP, with HOT LEADS, legitimate companies, and more. I will still be touching on how to be a mystery shopper here, but for more IN DEPTH information - please visit Mystery Shopper News.

Third - You'll notice that I've removed some of the advertising, links to other blogs, etc. In an attempt to make your good life experience a little easier to maneuver, I've replaced a lot of the clutter with links to previous posts that you may be interested in, in order to LIVE RICH.

Fourth -If you are an expert on any aspect of living the good life for less, how to earn money from the comfort of your mansion, how to look like a million dollars, enjoy a debt free life, etc., or a COMPANY interested in HELPING our readers do any of the above (whether it be a product to make life easier, save money or help in other ways) PLEASE Contact me at: We are always looking to pass along GREAT information from GUEST AUTHORS and experts as well as reviews, giveaways, and MORE.

Fifth - Most importantly - THANK YOU to each and every one of my readers. You are the bubbles in my '99 Dom Perignon. Without you, there's be no enjoying the good life, as without good friends to celebrate with - there'd be no point.


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