Monday, May 18, 2009

kajeet cell phone 4 kids that helps YOU live the good life!

I have to start out by telling you that I have VERY mixed feelings about children and cell phones. On one hand they offer a sense of security for both the parent and child in case of emergency. On the flip side, the abuse of a cell phone plan - the expense of a child going OVER the limit, the possibility of use in school, at activities or when doing homework is going to come with the territory. So, when kajeet sent me this cute phone to review, I knew that I'd have to be TOUGH on it.

kajeet sent me the LG160. The shiny blue color is definitely kid friendly and before passing it along for the "real test" I noticed that the keys were large enough even for little hands to deal with. After activating and charging the phone up I turned it on. The screen savers to choose from were these adorable little kajeet characters that would appeal to both boys and girls (and even parents). To tell you the truth, I expected that - so I wasn't at all surprised.

Here's what I didn't expect....kajeet lets YOU THE PARENT control your child's phone usage.

You can create an allowance, called the kajeet Wallet to control how much money is in their account for talk, games, etc. That way you'll be able to save money over monthly bills.

There is a TIME MANAGER that is controled by the parent for HOW and WHEN the phone may be used. For example: You might want the phone to be unavailable for use during school hours, set the plan to include texting or not, whenever YOU think is appropriate.

The CONTACT MANAGER allows you to block calls and texts made, as well as incoming calls and texts from numbers that you choose.

You can add special features like GPS Phone Locator and even set AUTOMATIC check-ins!!

At the same time your child can talk, text, play games, take pictures and more without overspending!!

We are using the prepaid plan, but there are also service paks starting at only $4.99 a month.

  1. They're a pay-as-you-go service with no strings and no worries.
  2. Their full suite of intuitive online controls help parents set limits.
  3. They offer budget-friendly rates for talk and text. Easily customized to fit your family's needs.
  4. Their feel-good security features let you decide who can and can't call their phone.
  5. You can get help finding your kid's phone anytime with GPS Phone Locator.
  6. Talk, text, pix and play. Everything your kid wants in a cell phone.
  7. They offer full-blown phones for any budget. Look for slim styling and big features.
  8. Nationwide coverage on Sprint PCS Network.
  9. Refilling your account is simple. kajeet offers three simple ways to add money to your wallet.
  10. kajeet is the only cell phone service that puts kids first. Kids love that.
You can see by the pictures how much fun it was for Theresa to use the phone. All I heard for the day was "this is the best phone ever." Of course, she was more interested in playing games on it than anything else, which considering the circumstances (we were at a college commencement) wasn't such a bad thing. By the way, at 7 years old - she was able to figure out how to change ringtones, screensavers and buy a game within MINUTES of my having handed her the phone....SO BE PREPARED!

I'm still on the fence about giving a child a phone, but at least with the kajeet service I have the piece of mind that she won't be using the phone inappropriately. That's why kajeet's slogan is: kajeet, "use it for good."

Special thanks to Theresa - enjoy the phone!


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Kristen said...

I too was hesitant, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our sons kajeet.

Parents interested in kajeet can save 15% off their purchase with their current
promo code: 1115

Just enter it into your cart at checkout and save 15% off the listed prices at WHOOHOO!

Zippy said...

Wow Kristen, thanks for letting me (and the readers) know about this. 15% off is GREAT!!!

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