Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peek-A-Boob I don't see you.

When I was much younger NO ONE would have mistaken me for a Hooters Girl. My 32A's never filled out those tank tops or lower cut dresses that my friends wore. Years later, after children and weight gains and losses and re-gains they've somehow "blossomed" into a D cup. Now I have the opposite problem. I'm constantly looking for a way to hide them from view.

The problem is that I live in South Florida. Home of the spaghetti strap tank and sleeveless tops and dresses. I'm constantly fiddling with my top, trying to either cover the cleavage, keep my sleeveless tops from showing my strap or the dreaded bra-pit (you know when the bottom of the opening of the shirt dips below the bra line in your arm pit - showing EVERYONE what color you're wearing).

I was hopeful as I opened my cute hot pink tin of Peek-A-Boob Strips that I had been sent to review from Momfluence, that I'd be able to wear something a little RACY without being hauled in for indecent exposure. These double sided strips adhere to your skin and let you tack the fabric to the tape. THEY WORK!!! As you can see, I was able to close up that plunging gap on the front of my shirt without a problem. The only thing that I have to remember is to not keep re-positioning them, because there's no re-using the strip. So, when I made a placement mistake I had to use another. Thankfully there are 30 strips in each tin (and you can buy refills in 60 strips).

I was a little concerned that the tape would come undone or get uncomfortable in the Florida sun, but after a hot humid day spent outside - all was fine.

Whether you want to ~
  • close the gap on your buttoned blouse
  • keep your bra straps from sliding down your arm
  • keep your scarf from flying away in the wind
  • conceal that revealing neckline
  • keep wrap style tops wrapped
  • keep your shoe from slipping
  • keep you shirt from riding up
  • or even tape up a hem in an emergency
That hot pink tin of Peek-A-Boob Strips that you'll want to carry in your purse will come in handy for all of your Fashion Do's. At only $8.89 a tin, you can order them online or find them at boutiques around the country.


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The Daily Blonde said...

Zippy...are those your boobs? :)

I just got a note from a new follower on Twitter that said she was following me because you recommended me in a comment on Omicle. I'm writing a follow up comment giving you a shout out and an A+ for your blog. I don't always comment but I always read you via an email subscription.

Hope all is well. Oh, by the way Zippy...are those your boobs? lol

Wendy said...

Personally I like the cleavage picture the best! I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. All of my son's friends in their 20s show cleavage. It's the "in" thing. I've NEVER had cleavage and I'm so jealous!

Zippy said...

YUP, those are my PUPPIES! I would have given my left arm to have those in my 20's - in my 50's - not so much. Had to put on the "ugly blouse" - just made them stand up (or is that SAG)more...LOL.

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