Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mystery Shop amusement parks, mini-golf , water parks and MORE

As the weather begins to warm and the kids are getting ready for summer break, you might be thinking about how to afford going to amusement parks, zoos, wind tunnels, aquariums, etc. Unless you're a member at some of these parks, the price of admission can be a bit OUTRAGEOUS.

If you've already tried a little mystery shopping and you think that you're ready to spread your wings, then you might want to sign up with a company that secret shops these venues. Just be aware, that if you're bringing your entire family that you may be paying out of your own pocket for most of the family, as a lot of these shops only pay for the admission for two people. When shopping any sort of amusement park, I assume that I won't be making any money, but I will cut down on the costs.

- Here's what you can expect to be evaluating -

The Parking Lot - Remember to check out the friendliness of the parking attendants, cleanliness of the lot, whether the spaces are clearly marked as well as if there are handicapped spots available.

Ticket Booth - You'll be looking for customer service skills, the length of time you had to spend in line, if the attendant clean and well organized. Did you receive a friendly greeting and did he/she handle your money correctly should also be observed.

Gate - You may be asked to enter the park with one less ticket than you have people just to see if the ticket person notices.

Security - Did you observe security personnel in the park, how do they handle crowds, emergencies, etc?

Rides - Are safety features maintained, did operator check seat belts, are height restrictions adhered to?

Food - Quality control, cleanliness, food handling and money will all be addressed.

As you can see, mystery shopping amusements is NOT an easy task, but it can be a LOT of fun - not only for YOU but for your entire family.

INTERESTED in mystery shopping one of these venues? Then check out...

  • Amusement Advantage - as the name suggests, this company shops mini-golf, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, arcades and the like


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